Record sound, voice on LG mobile

LG mobile phones include a stock sound recorder app called the Audio Recorder. It allows LG users to quickly record any sound, voice, speech, lecture or any audio nearby. You can also trim the recorded audios with the recorder app, share sound recordings from the recorder app with other people or devices via Bluetooth, Email or any other apps or tools available on your mobile phone.

By default the audio recorder will pick up audio from its built-in microphone and the sound quality is fairly good. You can use the bundled headphones which also include a microphone to make your recordings even better.

Record sound on LG mobile phone

Find and fire up the Audio Recorder app on your LG mobile. You will see the home screen of this sound recorder app like this.

lg mobile phone audio recorder app

Tap on the big red Record button to start recording the voice or audio. During the recording process, you can pause the recording, add tags, resume the recording. When finished, tap the Stop button to save the recording.

record sound, voice using audio recorder app on lg mobile phone

Now the audio recording has been saved to your LG mobile phone. The Recordings list opens with the most recent voice recording displays at the bottom. You can play it back, add bookmarks, trim it down or trash it.

edit, manage, share, trim sound, voice recordings in the audio recorder app on lg mobile phone

Trim audio recordings

As we have mentioned above, you can directly trim audio recordings in the recorder app on LG phone. No third-party audio editor needed. You can give it a try by yourself. We will also cover this issue in another post soon.

Share the sound recordings from LG mobile

You can share saved voice recordings from LG mobile phone to anyone else or any other device of your own through Bluetooth, email or other compatible apps installed on your smartphone, such as SHAREit, Xender, Zapya, just to name a few.

Play the audio recordings with other players

On the Share via screen, you can also find supported media players installed on your LG phone. For example, you can play the recordings using VLC, KM Player, etc.

Find sound recordings in File Manager

Open the File Manager app on your LG phone, browse to Internal storage > AudioRecorder, your sound recordings are saved as .m4a files here. By the way, the stock audio recorder allows LG users to change the storage device to an external storage device.

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  1. My HD Voice Recorder on my LG V30 stops recording at 59 seconds. This is a new problem. I tested it starting a recording from the home screen – 59 seconds. Then I went to the screen with the saved recordings and initiated from there. It went over 1.5 minutes. Then I went back to the home screen and again 59 seconds. Went back to the list and this time it stopped recording at 59. My husband is an IT person so we trouble shooted and googled but no success. Why is this happening and how do I fix it?

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