How to record sound on Tecno mobile?

Like many other smartphones, Tecno mobile phones allow users to record sound, voice, speech, lecture or any other audio without any third-party apps. The stock Sound Recorder app can be found in the Tools folder on Tecno phones. Sound will be captured through the built-in microphone. The audio quality is quite good. For better result or to record good sound in noisy environment, you can use the bundled headphones, which also include a microphone, that come with your Tecno phone.

Record audio on Tecno mobile phone

The Sound Recorder provides us an easy way to record any voice, sound or audio on Tecno mobile phones. Here’s how it works.

Find Sound Recorder within the Tools folder on your Tecno phone screen. Or swipe down from the middle of your phone screen to reveal the quick Search box, search and then launch the Sound Recorder app from there.

record sound, voice, audio on tecno mobile phone

Tap the red Record button at the bottom to start capturing sound. During the recording process, you have three buttons at the bottom. You can press the Cancel or Discard button on the left to quit recording without saving. The Pause or Resume button is in the middle and Save button on the right. When finished, tap on Stop & Save button, then Save as dialog pops up. Give the audio recording file a name, then press OK button to save and complete. The Record file list opens automatically where you can view all recorded sound and voices on your Tecno phone. Tap to play a voice recording here. Long press on a recording file to delete, rename or share it.

tecno mobile phone sound recorder app recording files list

Sound recording quality settings

By default, the Sound Recorder will capture and save high quality audio recordings as .aac files. You can however downgrade the audio quality when you don’t need them to be with very high quality so as to reduce the file size for long recordings.

On the home screen of the voice recording app, tap the More button (three dots icon) at the top right to expand the menu. Choose Voice quality, then the Select voice quality dialog pops up, you can switch between High and Low here. If you set voice quality to low, the Sound Recorder app will save your audio recordings as .3gpp files and the file size will be greatly reduced compared with those recording files in .aac format.

Share the saved recordings from Tecno mobile

Saved voice recordings on your Tecno phone can be uploaded to your Google Drive, sent to yourself or other people through Gmail or other email, Bluetooth, Messenger or professional file sharing apps, notable XShare, which should be found on almost all Tecno mobile phones. Follow this tutorial to share files using XShare on Tecno and other Android devices.

Add Sound Recorder to Smart Panel

Smart Panel is a great feature on Teco mobile phones which gives users the quick access to common functions and most frequently used tools or apps on your phone. If you want to quickly launch Sound Recorder app to capture sound, you can add it to the Smart Panel.

You can enable or disable Smart Panel from Settings. Once enabled, you will see the floating icon usually at the lower right section on your Tecno phone screen. Drag to pull up the floating menu with all the shortcuts. You can touch to quickly access any features, tools, apps from the Smart Panel, delete existing shortcuts or add new shortcuts from there.

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