Record screen with audio on Android phone

Have you ever came across some interesting videos online on the phone, such as YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, and want to save them to your device so you can access them anytime you want? Most of you may think of downloading online videos. But most likely those videos on the web can not be downloaded even with professional downloader apps. Today, we’d like to show you another way to save videos from the Internet with ease.

Instead of downloading online videos, you can also choose to record them. You can download a screen recorder, such as XRecorder, to capture anything on your phone screen as you like, even those streaming videos, movies.

XRecorder is very easy to use. If this is the first time you use the screen recorder, you may like to adjust the preset settings, such as audio source, volume, resolution, quality, FPS, save location, etc. Launch the recorder app, head into its Settings from the bottom menu bar.

XRecorder Screen Recorder settings - android phone

If you like to record silent video, find the Record Audio option, tap on it, then touch to select the radio button before Mute. You can choose to record your voice and the outside sound from your phone. If you are on Android 10 or above, you can record Internal audio without background noise.

You can start recording by pressing the Record Video in the app or from the floating window on your phone screen. By default the floating ball is enabled. You can see it displays over any other apps on the phone screen. Tap on it to show the floating toolbar and quickly access the tools you need.

record screen, videos, movies, using XRecorder Screen Recorder on android mobile phone

Once your phone screen is being recorded, you will see a prompt at the top saying the recorder is using microphone. Meanwhile, the quick tools in the floating toolbar change accordingly. Now you have the option to pause/resume, stop, edit recording from the floating toolbar.

Finish the recording, you can then find the recorded screen video from the Video tab in XRecorder app. You will have the options to edit and share the saved screen recording files within the recorder app.

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