Record screen with touches and other gestures on Android phone

When you are recording a tutorial demo video on computer, you may want to capture the mouse clicks or movement as well. Many screen records can do this, notably the Snagit. Is it possible to do the same on our mobile phone? The screen of our mobile devices are so small, without the gesture display people may not know where you’re tapping. To make your screen recording more intuitive, you can enable the Show Touches option from Android Settings before recording the screen. Today, we will discuss how to record touches, taps, pinch to zoom, swipes and other gestures on our Android devices.

Enable Developer Options on Android

You may already heard of the Developer Options for Android. By default these options are locked away. Android developers can enable them to test their apps. Some of these options are also very useful to average users. You can follow this tutorial to turn on Developer options on LG phone. The same method should work on most other Android powered devices, such as Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE, Lenovo, Nexus, etc.

Show touches on Android phone

Once you have activated the Developer Options, go to Settings > Developer Options. You can find the Developer options above the About phone at the bottom of the Settings screen. Touch the ON/OFF toggle to enable Developer Options. Scroll down to the Input section where you can find and turn on the Show Touches option.

show screen touches from developer options on android phone

Now go to record your phone screen with your favorite recorder, you should capture the screen events like touches, taps, pinch to zoom, swipes and other gestures on the Android devices.

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