How to Record Screen on Tecno mobile?

Screen recording is a very useful feature on mobile phones. Many Android mobiles provide users the ability to record screen with or without audio using the stock screen recorder app on the device. This could come handy when you want to create a video demo, howto tutorial, etc. In an earlier post, we showed how you can take screenshots on Tecno phones and save anything on your phone screen as still images. Today, we will discuss how Tecno users can use their mobile device to capture anything on the screen as videos.

On Tecno mobile phones we can access some of the most frequently used tools and apps from the Notifications panel and Smart Panel. Screen Recording is a feature that’s quickly accessible as a toggle in both the Notifications panel and Smart Panel on Tecno mobile phones.

Swipe down from the top of your Tecno mobile phone screen to bring down the Notifications drawer which consists of two parts: Quick settings (also known as pull-down shortcuts) & Notifications panel. Drag down to expand the Quick settings. Swipe left or right to navigate through all quick settings and shortcuts.

tecno mobile phone pulldown shortcuts, quick settings

To create a clutter-free screen recording, you can turn on the Do Not Disturb mode first so that notifications, alerts, calls, and messages won’t appear on your screen during the recording process. You can quickly put your phone into the Do not disturb mode from the pull-down shortcuts as shown above.

Find the Silent screen recording or Voice screen recording from there and tap on it to open the screen recorder as below.

record screen video on tecno mobile phone

If you like to record voice through microphone while screen recording, choose Voiced screen recording instead. It’s worth noting here that you’re not exactly limited to the microphone on your mobile. You could even connect an external microphone and use that as audio source for high quality audio recording.

record screen video with external audio on tecno mobile phone

Screen recorder on Tecno mobile phone can also be accessed quickly from the Smart Panel.

tecno mobile phone smart panel
tecno mobile phone smart panel

The Record voice while screen recording dialog pops up where you can choose Silent screen recording or Voice screen recording. After that, tap on Start Screen Record. You will then see the 3 second countdown on your Tecno phone screen. After 3 seconds, the screen capture begins, anything displayed on your phone screen will be recorded. There will be a float icon at the lower section of your phone screen, tap on it to stop the recording. You will see a message saying “Screen record file has been saved. Click to preview“. All recorded videos can also be found from AI Gallery > Albums > ScreenRecord, or File Manager > Videos category or File Manager > All files > Internal shared storage > Movies > ScreenRecord folder. They are saved as MP4 files.

4 thoughts on “How to Record Screen on Tecno mobile?”

  1. But while on wassap video call
    The voice screen recording doesn’t work
    Only silence screen recording
    Please can tell me how to handle it
    When I put voice screen recording it tells me to off other inhancemet
    I don’t understand

    1. i haven’t tried to record a video call. but i think it may not work well. as this built-in screen recorder is desiged to capture external sound using the phone’s microphone, not internal sound comes from the phone or the android system. for example, when you try to record music playing on your phone, the music will come out of your phone’s speaker first, then go through the microphone to the recorder app along with any ambient noise in your room.

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