Record Screen on Huawei phone

Just like any other Android powered smartphones, you have different ways to capture your phone screen on Huawei mobile with the built-in screen recorder tool, no third-party screen recorders or apps required. This native screen recorder for Huawei can be accessed via both Shortcut Switch and hardware buttons or keys. Check out the quick steps below.

Record Huawei Screen using shortcut switch

Pull-down notification panel from the top on your Huawei mobile, you will see various shortcuts and tools. Instead of swipe down with one figure, you can use two figures to swipe down and thus expand the full list of shortcuts and switches. Here you can see switches for Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth, Auto-rotate, Silent, Huawei Share, Airplane mode, Location, Flashlight, Screenshot, Screen recorder and so on.

Huawei mobile phone screen recorder shortcut

It is customizable, you can opt to remove some shortcuts or icons from this list or add extra ones to it. If you can’t find Screen recorder here, touch the Edit icon at the top right corner, you will be taken to the Sort switches screen where you can find more shortcuts and icons. Find and drag Screen recorder from the lower section and drop it to the quick settings and tools section at the upper section. You can drag icons to rearrange them in the notification panel.

Now go to bring up anything you like to capture on your Huawei mobile. Then swipe down with one or two figures from the top to bring down the notification panel and select Screen recorder. A floating bar appears at the upper left corner on your Huawei phone with the Microphone icon, flashing red light and timing on it. You will record your voice while recording the screen by default. If you don’t want to record any sound or record a muted screen video, tap on the microphone icon to disable it.

To stop the recording, touch the timer at the top of the screen. Other than that, go to the notification panel and tap on the screen recorder icon again to finish the screen recording.

Use key combination to record screen

Press and hold the Power and Volume up buttons simultaneously to start screen recording. Press and hold both buttons again to stop recording.

Record audio or your voice during screen recording

As we mentioned above, voice recording via microphone will be activated by default. So you don’t need to manually enable the microphone in order to record your voice while recording the screen. Only activate it when you found it is disabled.

Sound or music played on your mobile phone will also be recorded through microphone. Since it is not captured through internal sound card, the sound quality sacrifices.

Find recorded screen videos on Huawei phone

All screen recordings will be saved to the phone’s Gallery app. On my Huawei phone, screen recordings are saved to the same album as screenshots.

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