Pin an app to screen on LG Android phone

Screen pinning is a very useful feature on Android phones. For example, when your kid wants to use your phone for games, you can pin the game or app to your screen so he can only access this game, not any other apps on your phone. Here, in this article, we will use an Android powered LG mobile phone to show you how to limit access to one app only on the phone using Android screen pinning feature. With the screen pinned, your kids or friend can use only that app you pinned to screen.

Important Note

Before we start the guidance, you should know that when you pin a screen, calls are unavailable, missed calls and notifications do not show.

Enable screen pin on LG Android phone

Open Settings on your LG phone. Head to Settings > Security. Find and tap on to open Screen Pin.

security settings screen pin on lg android mobile phone

By default, Screen pin option is disabled. Touch the ON/OFF toggle to turn it on and also enable Pin with screen lock option so others can’t disable your pinned screen without the password, PIN, pattern or your fingerprint.

enable screen pin on lg android phone

Pin an app’s screen on LG Android phone

You can pin an app’s screen to your phone’s home screen now and keep it in view until you unpin it. Open the app you want to pin. Then press the Multitask key, also known as the overview or recent key, it’s the square button along the bottom of your screen. On some Android phones, you can only pin the most recent app from this overview screen. Since we just launched the app we like to pin, so it should be the most recent app on this apps thumbnails view screen. See below screenshot.

Press the thumb tack icon in the bottom right corner. Then there will be a pop up asking you pin this screen to only use this app. Tap on Pin button to agree with it.

Unpin an app on LG Phone

To un-pin an App just press and hold the back key, your LG mobile phone screen will then be locked. Simply unlock your screen with the PIN, password, pattern, fingerprint or face ID. Your pinned screen or app will then be cancelled.

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