Pin an app to screen on Huawei phone

In a previous article, we demonstrated how Huawei users can lock individual apps on their phone using the native App Lock feature. This is a very useful when you need to allow others use your phone but don’t want them to view some private contents on the phone, such as your pictures, text messages, WhatsApp chat history, etc.

Actually, there exists another feature on Android mobile phones can also help you lock apps and protect your privacy, which is called Screen pinning. Screen pinning on Android enables users to only show a specific app on their phone screen. This is incredibly handy when parents want their children to use only certain app on the phone. When an app is pinned to phone screen, others can only operate within the specific app. They can’t navigate elsewhere. All other functions of the phone are locked. That’s to say, all notification, phone calls or messages are also blocked at the same time.

Enable screen pinning on Huawei phone

To pin an app to your Huawei mobile screen, follow these steps:

Go to Settings > Security & privacy > More settings > Screen Pinning.

huawei phone security and privacy settings - screen pinning

Then turn on both Screen pinning and Require lock screen password to unpin options.

Enable screen pinning on Huawei phone

Pin an app screen on Huawei phone

Open the app you want to pin on the phone. Then press the Recent key, also known as the overview key, it’s the square button along the bottom of your screen. Swipe left or right to find the app you want to pin. Then touch the pin icon, the thumb tack icon, at the bottom of the app preview window, to pin it to your phone screen. Each time you pin an app, you’ll be asked to confirm the action. A notification will appear telling you the notifications, incoming phones and messages will be blocked until you unpin the app. Agree with it to pin the app.

pin app to screen on huawei phone
pin app to screen on huawei phone

Unpin an app on Huawei phone

When an app screen is pinned, only the app screen will be kept in view on your phone. All other apps and functions will be locked down. If you like to use other features or apps, you have to unpin the app first. To unpin an app on Huawei mobile, touch and hold the Back icon across the bottom of your phone screen, then your phone screen will be locked. Unlock your phone screen to continue using other apps or features on your phone.

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  1. HI , I am using huawei Y9s EMUI10. I already enabled the screen pinning but when i press the recent apps there is no Pin icon displaying on the bottom center of each recent apps. please help. thanks

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