Pair Tecno mobile phones via Bluetooth

When you want to share files, documents or other content between two mobile phones without Wi-Fi network and you don’t want to use your data allowance, you can send them via Bluetooth. Before you can transfer files through Bluetooth, you will have to turn on Bluetooth on both devices, then pair them together via Bluetooth.

Follow the below steps to activate Bluetooth on Tecno mobile phones and pair your Tecno with another Tecno or other Android devices. We use a Tecno Camon mobile which is running on HiOS 6 and a LG device in the demo. And the same procedure should work with all major Android powered devices. You can pair your Tecno phone with Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Huawei, LG and more Android smartphones. You may see some difference in appearance across various devices or models though.

Unlock your Tecno phone, find and open Settings. Tap ‘Connected devices’ > Bluetooth. Then tap the ON/OFF switch to turn Bluetooth on.

turn on bluetooth on tecno mobile phone

Tap ‘Pair new device‘ , then your Tecno mobile will scan for all Bluetooth devices nearby. When the other Tecno phone or Android mobile in range, and Bluetooth is activated on them as well, they will be displayed under the Available devices section.

tecno mobile phone pair new devices via bluetooth

Tap the mobile phone name that you would like to pair with.The Bluetooth pairing code displays on your Tecno phone, and the Bluetooth pairing request with the passkey will be sent to the other Tecno phone or another Android mobile. Make sure both numbers match on the two phones, the pairing code and passkey. Tap Pair on both devices to confirm the pairing request and connect them together via Bluetooth.

You can then go to select files on one phone and send them to the other phone via Bluetooth.

Unpair Tecno mobile phones

It is recommended to deactivate Bluetooth on your mobile when it is not in use. Also unpair other phones and devices that you don’t plan to share your contact, internet access, files, documents or other content afterwards.

Go to Settings > Connected devicec > Bluetooth > Previously connected devices to find all phones, tablets and devices you have already paired before. Tap the Gear icon, then tap Forget to unpair the phone or device.

If you don’t want to unpair them, you can also manage the access permissions and choose what other devices can do on your phone through Bluetooth, such as phone calls, contact sharing, internet access, call history access, etc.

Pair Tecno phone with PC through Bluetooth

In a related article, we discussed how you can share files between Tecno mobile phone and PC via Bluetooth, so you don’t have to connect your mobile to computer via USB cable in order to share files between them.

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