Capture scrolling screenshots on LG phone

Have a very long page want to save on LG phone? You can press the Power and Volume down keys at the same time to capture anything displays on your LG phone screen. It however can’t help us capture long window or scrolling pages that can’t be displayed on a single screen. Fortunately, LG mobile phones have the built-in option to capture scrolling window, pages without third-party screenshot apps.

To capture scrolling web pages or screenshots on LG mobile phones, just follow these steps.

Open the web page you want to capture using the Chrome or other web browser of your choice.

Pull down the notification bar, then find and select Capture +, see below screenshot.

capture long web page, scrolling window screenshot on lg phone
capture long web page, scrolling window screenshot on lg phone

Note: if you use an old LG phone and can’t find the Capture+ in the Notification Panel on LG device, you will need to use a third-party screenshot app instead.

Select Extended in the lower right corner, your LG mobile phone will start scrolling the window, capturing screenshots and stitching them together automatically.

Once you have captured everything you want, you can manually tap to stop it or let the Capture+ utility finish capturing the whole long page.

You will have the options to edit the screenshots before you save it. If you don’t want to edit it now, simply tap the tick in the upper left corner to save the screenshot to the Gallery app. There will be a Capture+ album in your Gallery where all screenshots captured by this built-in utility are saved.

Capture scrolling web pages, windows on Xiaomi phone

There are mainly two easy ways you can take a screenshot on Xiaomi or Redmi mobile phone. Press the hardware buttons simultaneously, volume down + power buttons, or pull down the notification panel, choose Screenshot. Sometimes however you may find long web pages can’t be displayed fully in single screen. You have to scroll down to view the full content of the long page. In this case, is it possible to use Xiaomi phone’s built-in screenshot feature to capture the scrolling window or long web page without third-party screenshots apps?

take screenshot on Xiaomi, Redmi phone,

Once you pressed the hardware buttons or touched the Screenshot icon from Notification panel, your Mi phone will capture the screen and a thumbnail image (screenshot result) will show up in the upper right corner of your phone screen. You can touch this thumbnail to enlarge and preview screenshot before saving. You will also have the options to edit screenshot, share or send screenshot, or delete it without saving. Under the screenshot preview, there are four options: Scroll, Send, Edit and Delete. Tap Scroll to let your Xiaomi or Redmi phone scroll the current window and capture the rest part. You can stop the scrolling anytime and save the long screenshot to the Gallery app. Just tap the Done button to stop the scrolling, save the screenshot and don’t capture those parts below the current screen. Or you can wait until your phone finished capture the full page or window.

Open Gallery app on you Mi phone, choose Albums, select Screenshots album to find all screen captures.

Share files between Huawei mobile and PC via Huawei Share

There are many different ways and tools you can use to share files between your Android device and a Windows PC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, USB, hotspot, etc. We have introduced some of the most popular file transfer apps for Android in previous articles, such as Zapya File SharingSHAREit file transfer, etc. Smartphone makers may also provide native file sharing utilities. For instance, Apple has Airdrop, Xiaomi support FTP transfer, Huawei offers Huawei Share, just to name a few. Today, we will show you how to share files between Huawei mobile and PC using Huawei Share.

On your Huawei mobile, go to Settings > Device Connection > Huawei Share. Turn on Huawei Share and Computer Share separately on the same screen.

enable huawei share, computer share on huawei mobilephone
enable huawei share, computer share on huawei mobilephone

Now go to open File explorer on your PC, click Network from the bottom of the left pane. You can then find your Huawei phone from there. Double click on the Huawei phone name, the authentication dialog pops up. You need the username and password to connect your PC to Huawei phone. This is not your phone screen lock passcode. Go to the Huawei Share screen on your mobile phone, tap on Verification on computers to find out the username and password you need to access your Huawei phone from PC.

huawei phone network access from Windows computer
Huawei phone network access from Windows computer

After the authentication, you can see the shortcuts to Gallery, SD card, Internal storage on your Huawei phone in Windows File Explorer.You can copy and paste files from these Huawei phone folders to your PC or the other way around. It is just like you copy files from one disk to another on your computer.

Huawei mobile phone data transfer alternatives

Share files between Android and PC using Zapya

Use your phone to control PowerPoint Presentation on PC

Instead of a laser pointer, you can use your smartphone to control your PPT presentations on computer. What you need is a remote control app on the phone. In fact, we have seen many other popular apps also include this utility to remote control computer, such as SHAREit, Zapya, etc. In this article, we will show you how Zapya, the free, cross-platform file sharing app, can help us remote control PowerPoint presentations, Open Office presentations on PC from mobile phone.

Go to get the free app from Google Play on to your mobile phone and also download its companion app on your PC. Both of them are totally free to download and use. You can find the download links from the linked page in last paragraph.

There are two steps to use your phone to control the PC and Powerpoint presentations on it. Firstly you need to connect them up via hotspot or Wi-Fi Direct. No internet connection required. Secondly use your phone as a remote mouse, touchpad with quick shortcuts to control PC, play, control PPT on the computer and more.

As we have discussed in a related article, Zapya is a great tool to share files between PC and mobile phone. You can refer to this guide for more details about how your phone and computer can be connected. Basically you can create a Wi-fi hotspot on your PC with this program, then go to join the hotspot from your phone. You can also choose to create Wi-fi hotspot on your phone, then connect your computer to the Wi-fi hotspot on your phone. Wireless connection via Wi-Fi direct is also another option. Go and find more details with screenshots from previous linked page.

Once your phone and computer are connected together via hotspot or Wi-Fi Direct, go to Zapya on mobile, tap your computer name at the top left corner, you will get the drop-down menu list. Choose Control PC to open the PC control panel on Android mobile.

android phone to control pc via zapya
Android phone to control PC via zapya

At the upper section you can move your finger to control the mouse of your computer, just like the physical mouse and touchpad for your laptop. You can find some most frequently used keys and controls at the lower section, ESC, Left Click, Right Click, Page Up, Page Down, Enter.

You can use your phone as the remote mouse to find the PowerPoint presentations or Open Office presentations on PC and start playing the presentation. Then use the shortcuts to control the PPT. For example, if you want to advance to the next slide, you can press the Left Click button, the Enter button, or Page Down button. To go back to previous slide, touch the Page Up button. To end the slideshow on your PC, touch the ESC button on your mobile phone.

Share files between Android and PC using Zapya

Zapya is a very flexible and powerful file sharing app. You can use it to transfer files between Android mobile phone and PC in different ways. No internet connection required. We will show you how to share files between a Android and Windows 10 computer using Zapya in this demo.

Go to download Zapya from this link on to both your mobile device and PC first.It is free of cost. You don’t even to sign up an account.

There are basically two steps to send files from phone to PC or the other way around. Firstly you have to connect them up via hotspot or Wi-Fi Direct. Then choose files on phone or PC, then send them to the other device wirelessly.

Method 1. Share files between mobile and PC via Windows hotpot

The easiest way is to create hotspot group on PC, join the group from mobile, then send files between them. Run Zapya on your PC, click Create Hotspot Group at the lower section of the Connect tab, you will then see a QR code and the hotspot name and password behind it.

Zapya for Windows - create hotspot
Zapya for Windows – create hotspot

Run Zapya on your mobile, tap the Scan icon in the top right corner, point your phone camera toward the hotspot QR code in Zapya on PC, your phone and PC will be connected instantly. No need to select hotspot name or type in password. It is automatic.

Another way to connect your phone to PC is to touch the Transfer button at the bottom of the Zapya on the phone, then choose Join Group, tap your PC name to connect.

To send files from phone to PC, browse to different tabs in Zapya on mobile, App, Photo, Video, Audio, Files. Find and tap to select the files you want to share, then tap the Share button at the screen bottom to send them to your computer.

To upload files from computer to mobile, click Send File button in Zapya on your PC to select and send files from computer to phone. Or you can simply drag and drop files and even folder from Windows File Explorer to the Send File button to quickly send files to your phone.

Zapya to send files from PC to Android mobile phone
Zapya to send files from PC to Android mobile phone

Method 2. Share files between Android and PC via mobile hotspot

You can also turn on Wi-Fi hotspot on the phone, then join the hotspot from PC to exchange files between them.

Run Zapya on Android phone, tap the Transfer button at the screen bottom, you will be taken to the screen where you can choose how to connect up your devices.

Zapya for Android - create group, join group, connect
Zapya for Android – create group, join group, connect, etc.

Touch Create Group, Zapya will automatically turn on Hotspot on the mobile phone.

Go to run Zapya on your PC, click Join Group, then click the Connect button besides the mobile phone hotspot name, type in the password for the mobile hotspot when prompted, your phone and PC will be connected. You can then go to select files on PC or phone and send them to the other device via Zapya.

Zapya for windows PC connect Android mobile phone
Zapya for windows PC connect Android mobile phone

This method however is a bit tricky as Google has changed user privilege settings on Android OS later than v7.1 or on some customized phone vendor OS. Thus Zapya may not be able to automatically turn on portable hotspot on our Android phones. As a result we may have to jump into the System Settings to manually enable hotspot for creating a connection. See this tutorial to activate WiFi hotspot on Xiaomi phone, just as an example.

Note that you only need to turn on Hotspot. No need to change other hotspot settings on the phone. Otherwise, you may run into connection errors.

Alternatively you can also try file sharing via WiFi direct below.

Method 3. Transfer files between Android and PC via WiFi Direct

If your phone is WiFi Direct ready, you can also take advantage of Wi-Fi Direct technology for file sharing. Wi-Fi Direct doesn’t require an internet connection or wireless router. It creates a Peer-to-Peer connection without using any Wi-Fi router and works almost like Bluetooth but with much faster data transfer rates. In fact, if both mobile devices support WiFi Direct, you can connect them up and exchange files without any third-party apps. Check out this tutorial to share files between mobile phones via Wi-Fi Direct.  

Zapya support direct transfer of files via this new technology. To transfer files between Android and PC via WiFi Direct using Zapya, go to the Settings in Android system and turn on Wi-Fi from the Wireless & networks section. It doesn’t matter if not Wi-Fi network is available. You don’t need to join any WiFi network. Now go to Zapya to create group. Zapya will turn on Wi-Fi Direct on your phone and make your device a portable virtual router that can be used to connect other mobile phones, computers.

On your Windows computer, open Zapya, click Join Group > Connect, input the password for the WiFi Direct group to connect.

Set the option to create group for file sharing on Android

Since Zapya support both hotspot and WiFi Direct connection and transfer, if you like to stick to one connection mode and transfer, you can go to set the option to create group on Android. This will make the setup of group faster on the phone and you don’t need to manually switch between them.

Zapya set the option to create group for file sharing on Android
Zapya set the option to create group for file sharing on Android