Lock settings and apps on Android phone

A screen lock prevent others from using your phone. Sometimes however your friends or family need to use your phone but you don’t want them to change some settings or access certain apps on your phone. For example, you don’t want them to view your text messages, view your chat history, or change settings settings. In these cases, a screen lock can’t help. You need a security app for Android which can lock your system settings and individual apps on the mobile phone. There are several powerful and yet free security and privacy protection apps on Google Play Store you can choose, such as App Lock, LOCKit, Vault, etc. Today, we will use App Lock for Android to show you how to lock settings and individual apps with password on Android phone.

AppLock for Android
AppLock for Android

Download the security app from Google Play Store. Run it to set up a pattern or password to lock the security app itself first. We recommend users to use a different pattern or password from the screen locking for higher security.

Lock settings on Android phone

To lock Android settings is easy. Run the security app on your phone, unlock it with the pattern or passcode you have set. The Privacy tab opens. You can find the Photo Vault, Video Vault and other privacy protection options at the upper section. There will be a long list at the lower section. Find Settings from the Advanced section of this list and tap on the Lock icon to lock it. After that, when someone tries to access your phone settings, he/she will be prompted to unlock it with the pattern or password you have set in the AppLock app.

Lock settings and apps using applock on Android phone
Lock settings and apps using applock on Android phone

Lock apps on Android phone

To protect certain apps from unauthorized access, scroll down on the Privacy screen until you reach the General section where you see a list of all installed apps on your mobile phone. Tap on the lock icon by the app name to lock it. In this way, you can lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, and any app you choose. Prevent unauthorized access and guard privacy.

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  1. Even with Applock, this does not prevent someone from disabling many of the settings on an android device such as location. All they have to do is swipe from the top of the screen for quick access to settings and then can turn on and off many of the settings. Need a solution to prevent access to quick settings.

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