Lock Apps on Huawei phone

What to do when you need to allow others use your phone but don’t want them to open certain apps on the phone? There are many app lockers on Google Play Store you can use to lock individual apps and settings on the phone. In fact, many Android phones come with this feature natively, such as Xiaomi, Huawei, and so on. In this article, we will guide you on how to lock apps on Huawei mobile phone without using third-party security apps.

Open the Settings app on Huawei phone. Choose Security & Privacy > App lock.

huawei phone security and privacy settings - app lock

Open the App Lock screen on your Huawei phone. Then tap on Enable button.

enable app lock on huawei mobile phone

You will then be asked to choose how you want to lock the apps. You can use the screen lock password to lock apps, or set a different PIN code, or use your fingerprint. When you set a different password or PIN to lock apps on your Android phone, you will also have the option to set password or PIN lock recovery question. In case you forgot the app lock code, you can recover it by the security recovery Q&A. Simply follow the instructions and you will be done. After that, you will see the app list in App Lock.

lock apps on Huawei mobile phone using app lock

If you want to password protect an app on your Huawei mobile, simply touch the ON/OFF besides it to lock it.

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  1. Useful in case you leave your phone somewhere and another finds it and has a good Snoop into its contents to extract useful, sensitive information you may have in apps on your device eg financial, banking, personal relations etc. Especially if you do not have a screen locking password enabled or your phone is not encrypted or you have no SIM lock code etc. They can get in and basically do as they wish with your information on your device eg empty your bank accounts, make expensive phone calls, stalk you, spy on you etc. Sounds ultra paranoid, but it is all possible and most people are unaware of such risks or how to self protect from them.

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