Lenovo One for Windows

Lenovo launches its Lenovo One tool for the intelligent connection between mobile and PC. It is a connection mechanism between mobile and computer that is not only based on the ‘mirroring’ of the screen, but also allows use of the mobile phone and its apps through the computer. It doesn’t only work with Lenovo phones or computers, but also major Android powered smartphones and Windows PC.

lenovo one lite connect windows pc and android phone
lenovo one lite connect windows pc and android phone
  • You don’t have to access to internet, your phone can be quickly connected to your PC.
  • Lenovo One can quickly transfer videos, files or documents across devices. You can transfer files simply by dragging and dropping.
  • Able to automatically detect and open files saved in your phone with Office Suite on PC.
  • Watch videos on the road with the phone, then synchronize it on your big screen at home.
  • Lenovo One is able to clone your phone on your PC. You can work with your phone’s clone version on PC and make a call with the real one in the meantime.
  • Supports transferring files through somatosensory gesture. By only clapping phone with your hand, you can quickly transfer 500 high-resolution photos from phone to PC.


Download this free software onto your Windows PC from its website here. It comes with Lenovo One and Lenovo One Lite versions. If you own an old Lenovo phone model or other non-Lenovo mobile phones, such as Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE, OnePlus, Nexus, Motorola, Tecno, Sony, download and use its Lite version on your Windows PC. Note that some features of Lenovo One may not be found with its Lite version.

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