How to keep Tecno phone screen on longer?

To preserve battery life, your phone screen will dim and then lock itself after a short period of time of inactivity. Sometimes however you may want your mobile phone can stay awake or keep the screen on longer. Here, we will walk you through the easy steps to adjust the screen display or timeout setting on a Tecno mobile phone. You can even tweak certain settings to prevent your Tecno phone turning off automatically. Check out the details below.

Adjust screen timeout duration on Tecno mobile

Follow the steps below to change the display timeout settings on Tecno phone to make its screen stay on longer.

Open Settings on your Tecno mobile phone. Find and tap on Display option. On the Display screen, tap on Screen Timeout. From the pop-up menu that appears, choose a longer duration, such as 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc. On Tecno mobile phones and other stock Android devices, the longer duration you can keep your phone awake is 30 minutes.

adjust tecno mobile phone screen timeout settings

Prevent Tecno phone from locking its screen

As we said above, you can keep your Tecno mobile screen on up to 30 minutes without any activity on the phone or its screen. This should be good enough in most cases. On iPhone and some Android devices, we found there’s an option to disable the screen auto-lock feature so it won’t automatically lock itself or even dim. Is it possible to do that on a Tecno mobile phone?

You can prevent Tecno phone screen from turning off while charging once you have enabled Developer Options on Tecno phone and activated the Stay Awake option beneath it. Refer to previous linked page to turn on the Developer options and then head to Settings > System > Developer Option > Stay Awake to turn on this feature.

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