itel System UI Demo Mode

Android Demo Mode or Android System UI Demo Mode allows you to force the status bar into a fixed state, useful for taking screenshots with a consistent status bar state, recording screen video without those junky icons in the status bar, demonstrating features of system UI or testing different status icon permutations. System UI Demo Mode is one of the many developer tools in Android. Normally you need to enable developer options first in order to access this demo mode option. On itel mobile phone, you can follow these steps to enable/disable demo mode.

Part 1. Turn on developer options on itel device

  1. Open Settings;
  2. Swipe down and tap on System;
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and tap on About Phone;
  4. Scroll down to the bottom to locate the Build number and keep tapping on it for 7 times
  5. You will get a message saying, You are now a developer, which means the developer option is enabled.
Enable Developer Options on itel phone

You can also find more specific instructions with screenshots from this step-by-step guide to enable Developer options & usb debugging on itel mobile.

Part 2. Turn on Demo Mode on itel mobile phone

Once the developer options are enabled, you can follow below steps to enable USB debugging on itel phone.

Head to Settings > System > Developer options. Touch the ON/OFF toggle to turn it on if not yet. Then scroll down to find System UI demo mode. You will find two options beneath: Enable demo mode and Show demo mode. Touch the ON/OFF toggle next to Enable demo mode to turn it on, then tap on the toggle to activate Show demo mode as well.

enable, show system ui demo mode on itel mobile phone

Screen capture & Demo mode

Enable Demo Mode allows you to take screenshots and record screen videos with clean status bar. App developers can also change the appearance of the status bar using adb demo mode commands. Or you can use Show Demo Mode to hide notifications and display a preset status bar. However, if you only need a couple of screenshots, you can also choose to take screenshots on itel phone, then crop or trim the status bar using the stock Gallery app or Google Photos app. Both of them come with the image editing tool and are pre-installed on itel mobile phones. Other than that, these apps also allow users to draw over the images using a brush tool, another way we can hide out unwanted icons or information from our screenshots or photos.

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