Hide photos, videos, sound recordings on Infinix phone

Need to hide out some private photos, videos or sound recordings on the mobile? You are not alone. We found many smartphone users are searching for a solution to create hidden folder or lock photos with password. Some smartphone makers even have such a feature or app pre-installed, so their users can hide files without third-party apps. Infinix is a good example. The XOS has the antivirus app, Phone Master, which can scan and remove all kinds of viruses from your phone to get your devices total protection. It also offers many other useful tools, such as App Lock, Photo Cleaner, and XHide. Today, we will use this XHide tool to lock your secret pictures, videos and recordings with a password on Infinix phone.

Hide photos, videos, sound recordings on Infinix

Since Infinix has integrated the XHide feature with the File Manager app. We can also directly access it from the file manager. Launch the File Manager from your Infinix phone screen or the A-Z launcher. Tap on the Menu button (three horizontal lines symbol) at the top left corner. Choose XHide from the side menu. If it is the first time you access XHide, you will be prompted to set a password before use it. Enter a password starts with ## and followed by 4 digits.

Then set security question which can be used for password recovery. After that the XHide main interface opens. You will see three categories: Pictures, Videos and Records.

infinix mobile phone xhide – lock files, protect privacy

Choose the file type, then access your photo albums, video folders, or recording folder to select the media files and add them to the private folders protected by XHide. These media files will be deleted from their original folder at the same time.

Unhide photos, videos, sound recordings on Infinix

If you decide not to hide or lock them any more in the future, simply access them from the XHide, and export them to your phone.

Lock apps on Infinix mobile phone

As we mentioned above, the Phone Master app also offers many other useful tools, such as App Lock, Photo Cleaner, and XHide. If you don’t want to select files one by one in order to hide them, you can simply launch the App Lock tool to protect the entire Gallery app, the Sound Recorder app. In this way, you can quickly lock all your photos, videos, voice recordings on your Infinix device.

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