Extract text from images on itel phone

Sometimes you may find yourself can’t copy text from web pages or other apps on your phone screen. In this case, you can capture screen and save it as images, then use a OCR app to copy text from the saved images, photos or screenshots. In this quick tutorial, we will use an itel mobile phone in the demo to show you how to extract text from images, screenshots using Google Lens on itel mobile phones. No third-party OCR app required.

Unlock your itel mobile phone, there will be a folder titled Google on your home screen. Open this folder, you can find various stock apps from Google, such as Google, Gmail, Maps, Youtube, Drive, Play Music, Duo and Photos. Open Google Photos app, grant it the access to your media files on the itel phone. Browse to the screenshots or other folder where the photo or screenshots that you like to extract text from are saved. Open the image file in Photos app, you will find several options at the bottom: Share, Edit, Google Lens and Delete.

access google lens from photos app on itel android mobile phone

Make sure you have already signed in your Google account and connected to the internet. Then touch the Google Lens icon. You will then find the text on the image file is highlighted. You can tap on text to select it, then copy the selected text to clipboard, paste it to any text editor or share the extracted text with anyone you like.

copy text from images, screenshots, photos using google lens on itel and android mobile phones

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