Export frames from video on Tecno mobile

Occasionally we may need to extract still images from videos or movies so as to use them as wallpapers, share them with others, print them out, insert them into PPT and so on. You may think of taking screenshots of the video to quickly capture video frames. there are different ways to capture screen on Tecno mobile phones and other Android powered devices too. But this method can’t help us capture high quality stills from video footages. Screenshots will be limited to our screen resolution. For example, the display resolution of Tecno Camon 15 Pro is 1080X2340 pixels, so any screenshots captured on the device would be 1080X2340p; and it is 720X1600p for both Tecno Camon 15 screen and the screenshots captured by it. They are almost always much lower than the native resolution of the original movies and videos. Is there any way to export high quality photos from high resolution videos on Tecno mobile phone?

The stock AI Gallery app on Tecno phones lacks the basic video editing features, let alone frame extraction and other advanced editing tools. We can only find video snapshot or frame extraction in professional video editors and media players. Fortunately there are a bunch of Google apps pre-installed on almost all Android devices. Some of them are very useful, such as Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Photos. Today, we will introduce a great feature of the Google Photos app, extracting video frames.

Open up the Google folder on your Tecno phone screen. Find and launch Photos app from there. You’ll see a permission request if it is the first time you run it on your mobile. It requires the access to your photos, files, media content. Allow it the access to your media files. Navigate to the video album and open the video you’d like to export still images from. Tap on the Editing icon at the bottom.

google photos app to edit videos on android mobile phone
google photos app to edit videos on android mobile phone

The Edit screen opens and the Export frame option appears below the video preview. You can see two handles at the beginning and ending of the video at the bottom.

extract frames from videos using google photos app on android mobile phone

The first frame is selected as the current frame. You can drag the left or right handle to choose any frame you need, preview the frame in the preview window above. Then tap on Export frame button to extract the frame as still picture from the video. The extracted frames will be saved to the same folder as the source video or movie. You can access them using the Google Photos, AI Gallery or the File Manager on your Tecno mobile phone.

Also when you drag the handles on the video, the Save copy options shows up at the top right corner. In an earlier post, we used the Google Photos app to trim videos on Android phones. You can refer to this linked page for more details about this issue. It splits long videos into short clips, cut off unnecessary parts from video using the same selection tools as we export frames from videos above.

Google Photos has a straightforward interface. To extract frames from videos or movies all you have to do is choose the video from your collection, select the right frame in the video and tap on the Export frame button below the video preview. Wait a second for the still photo to be extracted and it appears in the same folder as the original video file. That’s it.

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