Enable Simplified View in Chrome browser for Android

Most web browsers provide users the quick tool to disable all distraction elements on web pages. In Safari, Firefox for desktop, this feature is called the Reader View and it is Immersive Reader with Edge browser for desktop. On mobile devices, notably iPhone, iPad and Android devices, we can also find similar features. Today, we will show you how to quickly enable the reader mode in Chrome browser on Android phone or tablet.

Launch the web browser on your Android device. Visit the page you like to view in reader mode. Look for the Show Simplified View button at the page bottom. Tap on it to enter the clean reader view mode. See below figure.

If you can’t find this reader mode on the web page you are viewing, try to wait until the web page fully loads or refresh the page see if any luck. Sometimes when the web page is too short or with few text, this Show simplified view option won’t appear. If you can see this option on any web page, head to the Menu (three vertical dots icon), select the Settings from the drop-down list. Scroll down and tap on Accessibility. Make sure the box against the Simplified view for web pages is checked.

chrome browser for android settings > accessibility > simplified view for web pages

Still can’t find Show Simplified View on web pages? Follow this guide to enable reader mode in Chrome for Android. Once Reader Mode is on you should see a “Show simplified view” button at the bottom of the pages when supported.

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