Enable Reader Mode in Chrome for Android

Many modern browsers have integrated the “reader mode” or “reader view” feature to provide users with pleasant distraction-free reading experience. We can enter into the reader view in Safari for Mac and iPhone/iPad to get rid of annoying element, such as ads, pop-ups, menus. Today, we will show you how to activate reader mode in Chrome browser on Android devices.

Enable Reader Mode in Chrome for Android

Run Chrome browser on your Android mobile or tablet. Type “chrome://flags” in the address/search bar. Then hit enter. The Flags page will open in Chrome browser. Search for “Reader mode” and you will see the “Reader Mode triggering” and “Reader Mode in CCT” options. By default Reader Mode triggering is set to “Default”. Change it to With article structured markup, Non-mobile-friendly articles, Always or All articles according to your own requirements. If you want to force the Reader mode on every webpage, choose “Always“. After that the “Relaunch Now” button appears at the bottom, tap on it to save the change and relaunch Chrome so the changes will take effect.

Enable Reader Mode in Chrome for Android on mobile phone

Once Reader Mode is on you’ll see a “Show simplified view” button at the bottom of the pages you’re browsing. Just tap on this button to enter Reader mode and enjoy a clean browsing experience on your Android mobile without any distraction with Chrome.

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