Enable Reader Mode in Alook Web Browser

Alook browser‘s Reader mode can help us filter content on the web and browser websites without distractions from ads, videos, sponsored content links, and other web elements you don’t want. Other than that you can also customize the style of pages as you wish, such as the font size, font color, background color.

Launch Alook web browser on your mobile, open the web page in the browser, wait a bit for the page to load and the Reader mode icon should be displayed at the bottom right corner of the browser window. Tap on it to enable reader mode. You can then find the options to change background color and text color, text size. See below screenshot.

Enable Reader Mode in Alook Web Browser on Android mobile

If you want to go back to the normal mode, simply touch the Close button at the bottom right corner.

Text-only mode vs Reader mode

If you don’t even want to see images on the web pages, touch the Menu button at the bottom of the Alook browser, navigate to the next page of the menu, find and enable Text-only. In this way, all images on the page will be invisible.

 Alook Web Browser menu android mobile phone

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