Enable Notification Access permission on Tecno mobile phone

Are you looking for the Notification Access permission on a Tecno mobile phone? Notification Listener Service is also known as Notification access permission for Android. Apps with this permission can receive calls from the system when new notifications are posted or removed and manage them as well, such as reading, dismissing app notification. Generally speaking third-party apps may not require this Notification access permission. And you should not grant an unknown app this special permission on your mobile phone. Anyway if you do need to grant an app the notification access permission, here is how to find this setting and allow certain app the notification access permission on a Tecno Camon 15 mobile phone which is running on Android 10. It may differ across various phone models.

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Open Settings on your Tecno phone, choose Apps & notifications, then Special app access.

tecno mobile phone settings apps & notifications

Once selected, the Special app access screen opens with various advanced permissions and access as shown below.

tecno mobile phone settings apps and notifications - special app access

Find Notification access from above list. Tap to open it in a new screen. Here you can see a list of apps which require this special permission on your phone.

enable or disable notification access for apps on tecno mobile phone

You can touch the ON/OFF toggle besides an app to enable or disable the notification access for it.

60 thoughts on “Enable Notification Access permission on Tecno mobile phone”

  1. I have tried all that on infinix hot 7 but after special app access I still can’t find notification access

      1. i’m using tecno camon 15…as you showed here the way to reach notifiaction access…Allright. but here i can’t see notification access for phone messeges nd for whatsapp application..maybe that’s why i can’t recieving and hearing sound of messeges for both…plz show me to fix this problem in this phone…all permissions access are enable for messeges of both…all sounds nd notification tunes are set and full but not working..not giving selected alerting tunes of msgs…whyyyy

          1. I installed iPhone luncher and my tecno pop 2 power said I should grant the permission but I have don it. And it still not working all the say is Access not granted

    1. I have also done all that on tecno pop3 but I can’t find the notification access even in special app access
      Where can i find it?
      Thank you

  2. On my tecno spark 2 I can’t even find the notification access in the special access,, I really don’t know what to do next.plizz help out

  3. Your steps are working for my Tecno spark 5pro.
    But I cant resolve our problem because the list contain limited default apps… And my problem is that I have to permit notification to a newly installed app like upwork; fiverr etc

  4. Sithandekile Sibanda-Moyo

    Have itel p36. It says notification access not available on this device. But i want to instal an app via google play but there is no Grant Notification… pliz help.otherwise its USELESS GADGET

  5. Am using Tecno Pouvoir 3 Air and I can’t find notification access on my phone even on the special app access. Please help me out

  6. Am using tecno pop 4 and I can’t find notification access on my phone even on the special app access…. Please help me out I need it urgent

  7. I installed iphone launcher on my tecno spark 2 but its not showing notifications since i cant find notification access permission on my gadget, it says that its not available on thr device

  8. Tecno pop4 pro, is neither grating permission nor accessing notification, to new stalled app, what should I do.

  9. I remember some time i came across someting like that in my tecno pop 4 lte even tough apps were liked but this time i cannot find notification access.

  10. I’ve a problem eith phone master from changing my Message app magic font to default,How it began is:I open phone master with WiFi on the a notification pop up show tme to allow cell broadcast to access my messages on allowing it I saw Notification access since I finish I discover that my messages magic font has changed ,Plx help

  11. can’t find any thing on my Pop 5 pro ,it says no notification access, and am discontinuing the tecno phone series you just liars

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