Enable Night Mode in Alook browser

Night mode on the phone can help reduce eye strain. Many smartphone manufacturers have integrated the ‘Night Mode’ into their custom Android UIs. When you use your phone in low light, jump into your device’s Settings app to find and turn on the Night mode, which in return makes it more likely for you to have a good night sleep. If you can’t find this night light mode on your device, or you don’t want to enable this system wide setting, but merely activate night mode with your web browser, there are several third-party web browsers to help. Alook browser is a good one. No push, no news, no ads. The most notable third-party web browser for iOS, Alook, is now available on Google Play Store.

How to enable Night Mode in Alook browser for Android?

Download this free web browser for Android from previous linked page if not yet. Launch the mobile browser, tap on its menu icon at the bottom of the browser window.

Alook browser for Android menu

Touch Night Mode (stars and moon icon) to activate the night light mode. It is just that easy.

alook web browser for android - night mode

When you want to quit the dark mode again, simply open the main menu in Alook browser, tap the Normal Light icon to return to the day light mode.

Reader Mode vs Night Mode

Alook web browser also support Reader mode. It can also bring users similar experience by reverting from usual dark-text-on-light-background to light-text-on-dark-background.

However the key benefit of reader mode is to filter content and peruse a webpage without distractions from ads, videos, sponsored content links, and other web elements you may not consider essential to the article you are reading. See how you can enable reader mode in Alook browser on Android phone.

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