Enable inadvertently mode on Infinix phone

Have you ever accidentally called someone or even a random international number from your phone? To help prevent accidental calls, make sure you set up a screen lock and hit the Power/Sleep/Wake button to turn off the screen before putting your phone in the pocket or bag. You can also install an app that confirms calls before you make them. Some smartphones even provide built-in feature to prevent pocket-dialing. On Infinix mobile phones, there is a feature called Inadvertently mode to prevent accidental operation caused by extrusion or fabric sliding when in the pocket. Follow below steps to turn on this feature.

Unlock your Infinix mobile phone, launch Settings, choose Display, you can then find the Inadvertently mode option on this Display settings screen.

infinix mobile phone enable inadvertently mode, anti inadvertent mode

Touch the ON/OFF toggle to enable inadvertently mode on your Infinix phone and stop being that person who accidentally calls their friends.

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