Enable, disable Notification Access permission on Infinix mobile phone

Notification access is a permission on Android devices to access notification, listen notification content and delete notification. Apps with this permission can receive calls from the system when new notifications are posted or removed and manage them as well, such as reading, dismissing app notification. Generally speaking third-party apps may not require this Notification access permission. And you should not grant an unknown app this special permission on your mobile phone. Since the notifications may include personal information such as contact names and the text of messages sent to you.

In this quick post, I will describe where to find and enable the Notification Access permission on Infinix mobile phone. We use an Infinix hot 9 in this tutorial. Note that this method however may not work on other Android powered phones or even a different Infinix model. Also as there are a few different ways to reach and manage Notification Access settings on Android, please let us know how you get it on your Android phone in the comment area below.

Unlock your Infinix phone. Launch Settings from your phone screen or the A-Z app launcher. Choose Apps & notifications from the home screen of Settings.

Infinix mobile phone Apps & notifications settings

Then navigate to Special app access > Notification access.

Infinix mobile phone Apps & notifications settings - special app access

Here you can find a list of app request the notification access permission. You can choose to allow or disallow notification permission for them here.

allow or disallow notification access permission on infinix mobile phone

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  1. what is TPMS notification? i’ve turned off all extra apps but some Xshare notification are still coming…it does not let me turn off…the switch color is greenish blue not the normal green

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