Enable or disable Notification Access on itel mobile

There are many third-party apps on Google Play, such as the Super Status Bar – Customize, Statusbar Icon Hider, can help us manage notifications in the status bar, filter junk news/notifications, hide unwanted icons from the status bar. In order to work properly, these apps require the Notification Listener Service, also known as Notification access permission, to be enabled. Apps with this permission can receive calls from the system when new notifications are posted or removed and manage them as well, such as reading, dismissing app notification.   

Notification access vs App notifications

A lot of people confuse Notification access with App notifications. They are two related options with similar names. An app notification is a message or alert sent by an application to the device user. So App notification is an app level option, whereas Notification access is system level option as we have described in the opening paragraph above.

App Notifications include push notifications and in-app notifications. Push notifications do not require the application to be open and messages are displayed on the screen of the mobile, even when the device is locked. In-app notifications on the other hand are only visible within the app while the user is engaging with it. 

In this quick post, we will describe where to find, enable or disable the Notification Access permission on an itel mobile phone.

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Where to find the Notification Access on itel mobile?

Generally speaking, most third-party apps may not require this Notification access permission. So it is hidden behind other options in the Settings app. On itel mobile, you can browse to Settings > App & notifications > Special app access > Notification access to find it. You can also quickly find it through a search in the Settings. When you open Settings app, you should see the search bar at the top above all settings, type in ‘notification access’ (without the quotes) to quickly locate to this option.

Enable or disable Notification access for apps itel mobile phone

Enable or disable Notification access for apps

You will see a list of all apps that require this permission to work properly. There will be a On/Off toggle behind each app in this list. Simply tap on this toggle to enable or disable Notification access for a selected app on your itel mobile phone. You will then see the confirmation warning you about the possible risks. Tap on Allow button to grant the app the notification access.

Keep in mind, you should not grant an unknown app this special permission on your mobile phone. Since the notifications may include personal information and data, such as contact names, text of messages sent to you, email notifications, etc. Once an app being granted this notification accerss permission, it will also be able to dismiss notifications or trigger action buttons they contain. This will also give the app the ability to turn Do Not Disturb on or off and change related settings.

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