Enable or disable draw over other apps on LG

Draw over other apps is a special permission on Android devices which allows one app to appear on the top of other apps. This permission lets an app to display on top of other apps you’re using and may interfere with your use of the interface in other applications, or change what you think you are seeing in other applications. Some apps, most others don’t, require this advanced feature or permission in order to work properly. In this article, we’ll show you how to enable or disable draw over other apps feature on LG mobile phone.

Unlock your LG phone, launch Settings, choose Apps, you will see a list of all your apps installed on your mobile phone. Tap on the Menu (three dots symbol) in the top right of the Apps screen to open the drow-down menu and choose Configure apps.

configure apps on LG & android phones
configure apps on LG android phone

On the Configure apps screen, scroll down to the Advanced section at the bottom, choose Special access.

draw over other apps on LG & android phone
draw over other apps android phone

Draw over other apps along with other special access can be found. Tap on Draw over other apps to enable or disable this permission for apps installed on your Android phone.

2 thoughts on “Enable or disable draw over other apps on LG”

  1. Frustrated User

    That Draw Over Other Apps screen keeps popping up on my phone while I am using it. It is extremely annoying to be in the middle of taking a video or playing a game and see that screen randomly appear and interfere with what it is I am doing.
    How do I make it go away and stay away? It really should be a manual requested and unsolicited feature.

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