Draw over other apps on Android

‘Draw Over Other Apps’ or ‘Display Over Other apps’ is a special permission on Android device which allows one app to appear on the top of other apps. For example, some screen recorders may require this permission in order to record any other apps on your phone or tablet. On the other side, some apps wouldn’t run when an app was running on top of them and generate a “Screen Overlay Detected” error asking you to turn off the screen overlay, draw over or display over other apps.

Android users can follow below steps to enable or disable draw over other apps permissions on an Android device.

Open Settings. Scroll down to Apps. Tap it to open the list of all your apps n the device. Tap the More menu(three dots) at the top right corner and choose Configure apps from the drop-down list.

configure apps on android phone

Select Draw Over Other Apps. Sometimes this option may be in a sub-menu. For example, I have to open the Special access in the Advanced section, then access the Draw over other apps on my LG smartphone.

draw over other apps android phone

Now the list of all apps with/without ‘draw over other apps’ permissions will appear. You can tap an app, then choose enable or disable the ‘draw over other apps’ permission on your Android phone.

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    1. It’s a matter of priority so my google maps is set to draw over apps so it takes priority if I am on other apps it will stay on my screen forsay. Or if my music is set to draw over apps then when I get a notification it doesn’t shut off. I can still use everything normal, it just tells ur system what is important to keep running through interruptions.

  1. When I try to enable the draw over the other apps option it say This feature has been turned it off
    But that option is very necessary to me please help sirrr
    Thank you

      1. Nokia one plus? Plus one?! Android 10 and AT PLAYER – phone is saying ‘display over other apps disabled’ cos drains batt?! Please help! As above…

          1. Also my self I have infinix hot9play & it doesn’t allow also,. If you have already succeed please direct me

      2. I have the same issue on my cricket Alcatel aprise phone for the cricket add it up app… I’m told this feature is turned off because it slows down your phone

        1. ALICIA, hi I’m Melissa. I have a device called Schok SV55, its an 11 version. They just released it last yr in July and its the same thing as yours. My draw over other apps feature was turned off by my device due to slowing my battery down but i also need the feature turned back on and it wont give me the option under ny settings to turn it back on. I guess I’m just looking for any way to fix it and if you got answers for your. Actually any help on thia matter will be appreciatted greatly, thanks a bunch!

    1. When I try to enable the draw over the other apps option it say This feature has been turned it off
      But that option is very necessary to me please help sirrr
      Thank you

      1. I have a Alcatel 500 from cricket how do disable this feature has been turned off because it slows down phone.

      2. Hi my name is Melissa, I have a android Schok. My phone has also turned my display over other apps feature off due to slowing down my battery. Like you I need this feature on to be able to use certain apps, did you ever get help with your device on this matter? Pls, any help is greatly appreciated.

    2. I’m having the same problem! And I really need this to work, did you find any answers? I would be so grateful if you could help me!

    3. It might be as simple as opening settings, finding the “draw over apps” section, tapping it and should take you to the page to turn it on or enable it.

  2. How can features of display over other apps be turned on when using Tecno spark 5 air? Specifically the apps of ubber & bolt driver does not apply on this phone model.please advise.

  3. Jazzmin rene Garcia

    Still confused. Cant understand the whole meaning of what it does and how it works by yes or no. Idk

    1. Jazzmin I feel the same as you. I do not know what it means and the purpose of “Draw over other apps” is. Why would I use it. Mine is On, now I’m wondering what would happen if I turned it off.
      Can someone please explain to me 1. What it is.
      2. What it does
      3. Why would I us it.
      4. What happens if I turn it.
      Thank you

  4. Is it possible to enable ‘draw over other apps’ in Android 10 Go Edition? I have an app that needs it, but I get a message saying it has been disabled.

      1. Tawanda Collen Mafemera

        Hie please help urgently, I got Samsung A3core if i want to enable display over the apps it says this feature is turned off. Help me please my apps are uber and bolt

    1. I have a on tablet I think it has android 10 and when I tried to enable it it said Feature not available This feature has been turned off Because it slows down your phone

    1. Same my phone is a Nokia 1 and the display over other the apps feature is off it was perfectly working before the new update but now its off

  5. Please assist after updating my Nokia 2.1 to Android 10 it all of sudden removed the display over other apps option when I tried to use a click bot app how can this be fixed.


  6. I have a android LG K30 Premier on my cell phone how do I know what to allow and not allow for draw over other apps and picture in picture?

  7. I tried to enable display over other apps but it said display over other the apps is off beacuase it will slow down the phone but there is nothing Rong about my phone I got 2gb free storage what else is missing? Pls help

  8. Hi ,I have Nokia1 when I open app say “allow display over other apps”
    And I don’t know how to aloww it because I can’t find it
    Pls someone help me 😞

  9. How do I drag the app across the screen? I have a teleprompter app but need to draw it closer to the camera instead of centered. I have a Galaxy S10.

  10. I have android 10 and I want give this permission to detox app and your sulation is not available on my Google pixel phone please help me.

  11. The same problem on samsung A3 core, it says the feature is turned off because it slows down your phone, what’s the problem?

  12. Please help me….. My mobile is Micromax 1b …. But. Big problm …… Is. App. Issu…..
    feature not available this feature has been turned off because it slows down your phone…
    Please help ….

  13. Have Nokia 1 with Android 10 Go. Cannot access a medical app for the Display over other apps error. The Feature is not available and cannot be turned on.

    1. I have the same isue here with my Nokia 1.4. help. I want to locate display over other apps and turn it on/enable it . But I can’t find it

  14. I try to turn this on a screen recording app, but it says “this feature is disabled because it may slow your phone”

    1. Similar issue here. Screen recording app prompts me to give permission to appear over other apps- but there’s no official “screen recorder” switch; I can’t find specific app to give permission to.

      1. Scroll apps tap to open list of apps tap more menu or the three dots at the top right corner and choose configure apps from drop-down list tap on apps choose enable or disable to draw over other apps.

  15. Hi i have a SAMSUNG GALAXY M01 CORE smartphone .can any of you guys help me cuz the option of ‘Display Over Apps’ is missing what should i do . Help will be appreciated….

  16. I have a Samsung J3 , go to apps press3 dots in right hand corner then it should show you default apps ,app permissions ect. Push the one that says Special Access it will have everything there. I think it’s the same with most Samsung.

  17. Can any of you guys help me cuz the option of ‘Display Over Apps’ is missing what should i do . Help will be appreciated

  18. My nokia 1 is having the same problem
    It’s showing feature isn’t available here…it slows down the phone. And I really need that app

  19. I tried the best as you advised but my phone doesnt have that option . Its realme c11 2021.please suggest any procedure to open that option .Its one of main problem of most phones at present .Thanks

  20. My phone is Stylo 721. Android 10 but when you try to activate draw over other apps it says. This feature is turned off because it slows down your phone. Please help i really need this setting.

  21. Mishael N'Djamena

    I cannot figure out how on Earth to set app lock (alcatel 5002R) model doesn’t have draw over feature for default setting; where on Earth is the change option please?

  22. Egon S Gantner III

    Hi I have the same problem but not just for one app. I get the message when I try to update apps in the app store. And when I go to settings it will not allow me to change/toggle the on or off buttons it does nothing.

  23. My phone is a nokia 1.4 And it refuses to cooperate and turn on the display over apps feature like its my phone if i want to drain the battery thats my business dont decide for me i want to have a word with these manufactures my apps cant work properly because of you people when i have school to do and the apps dont work because i cant turn on that feature its on you so if i fail its gonna be on your conciences

  24. I have a Samsung S21. FB Messenger is the only app that continually shows the little icon that it’s drawing over other apps. On my Samsung S9 I could dismiss the icon with a swipe. On the new phone I can only snooze it for 2 hrs. I want it to draw over other apps but I don’t want the constant reminder icon saying it is. Anyone know how to turn the reminder off?

  25. Did anyone get help with the “draw over the app” problem? Please help! I use Samsung A3 core, the app that needs permission is truecaller.

    1. I’m late to the party but this might help if you or anyone still else needs it.

      I was able to get around mine with “Shizuku” and “Apps Ops”.
      you’ll need a PC of course. And setting it the app shizuku is easy since you run android 11.

      it took me less than 5 minutes to get mine done

  26. This is an answer given on another forum…
    Android Go is a lighter version of Android, designed to run on smartphones with low end hardware. As a result, some features are stripped away to make the software perform better on that hardware. This is most probably what you’re seeing. Although there’s no way to change this, you can send feedback from your phone to let the development team know your views on this.
    Still looking for a workaround. Lots of people not happy. Don’t upgrade to Android 10 to anyone seeing this beforehand..
    Will post if I find anything.. Sorry all 😕

  27. Mine is safaricom neon ray pro android 10 it displays that the feature has been turned off because it slows down the device. I have looked everywhere but no where to find the option of enabling it please help

  28. I just wonder why it says app disabled coz it drains battery am the one to decide if it should be on or off thats the most part which sucks alot almost all apps am using need appear on top and am not able to use
    Atleast developers need to do something in next update you should include that appear on top setting plz

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