Download videos on mobile phone

Need to save a video from internet using your mobile phone? You can record your phone screen to save any video plays on your device, or use a video downloader app to grab videos from the web. Since our phone screens are so small, we can only get low resolution videos through recording. What’s worse, the audio quality suffers as the sound has to go through microphone and be captured along with the ambient noise. To save original video or high quality video online, it is highly recommended to use a video downloader instead. Today, we will show you how to download online videos from Internet or website using the free video downloader on Android phone.

Go and get the Android video downloader app from previous linked page. Start the downloader app on your mobile phone, open the website or page with the video you want to grab using the built-in web browser in the downloader app. It supports downloading online videos from plenty of social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and TikTok. If necessary, log into your account to access the video. Then tap to play the video on the page. The video downloader will detect the video as long as it starts to play.

download online video from website using free video downloader on android mobile phone

Tap the Download button and choose the resolution you prefer.

Finally hit the Download button to begin downloading it. You can open extra tabs to download multiple videos at the same time. When finished, you can access all downloaded videos, movies, clips from the Files tab at the bottom of the free downloader app.

It has the built-in player to play videos offline with advanced controls, such as playing modes, playback speed, play audio only, etc.

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