Disable auto start apps on Tecno mobile

Disabling auto start app on Tecno mobile phones is very easy since the Tecno devices have Phone Master pre-installed which has the auto-start management tool along with many other useful tools. We have reviewed this Android phone manager app here, you can refer to this link for more features of this app and download it onto your phone if need. Don’t bother for those Tecno, Infinix, Itel phone users, since it should be pre-loaded already.

Open up Phone Master app on your Tecno phone. Switch from the Home to Toolbox tab from the screen bottom. You can find Recommended functions at the upper section and Practical functions at the lower section. Auto-start Management can be found at the upper section.

phone master toolbox for android phone

Tap to open it, all your non-system apps will be listed. Toggling the ON/OFF next to the respective app to enable or disable the auto-run for that app. You can also touch the Intelligent Optimization button at the bottom to prevent unrelated apps being activated in the background.

enable, disable app auto-run tecno mobile phone using phone master auto-start management

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