Add custom app shortcuts to your home screen on Tecno mobile

Most Android users know how to add app shortcuts to home screen of mobile phones. Just open up the app drawer, hold down on an app icon, then drag it over to the home screen of your choice. On a Tecno mobile phone, open up the A-Z app launch, long press on an app icon until you get the pop-up action menu, choose Send to desktop. See this guide to send app to desktop on Tecno phone. Recent Android versions even allow users to create custom app shortcuts on Android devices. These custom shortcuts work like app shortcuts, but take you to specific tools or features within the apps. For example, instead of opening the Camera app, then switch from back to front camera to take a selfie, you can create a shortcut to the selfie camera so you can one tap to launch the front selfie camera without opening up the camera app first.

Note that not very app supports custom shortcuts. You can only create custom shortcuts for those apps that include App Actions. Here is how you can create custom app shorts on Tecno mobile phones.

Create custom app shortcuts on Tecno & Android phones

On your home screen, locate the app icon, long press on it. You should see a pop-up menu, which includes all of the available App Actions.

access app actions, create custom shortcuts on tecno mobile phone
access app actions, create custom shortcuts on tecno mobile phone

You can tap an action entry to quickly access and perform certain activity which takes the efficiency to the next level. For those frequently used tools and features, you can dig a little deeper by creating app-like shortcuts to them on your home screen.

From the App Action menu, instead of tapping an entry, tap and drag it to your home screen. After that you will see a new launcher or shortcut on your home screen.

Custom App shortcuts vs Smart Panel shortcuts

Tecno mobile phones have the built-in quick launcher tool, named Smart Panel, which can help us quickly access our favorite apps and tools on the phone. It works like the Quick Settings on Android devices.

Android users should be familiar with Quick Settings menu. Just swipe down from the top of your phone screen and you’re ready to toggle several different system settings on or off.

Smart Panel is a floating menu bar on your Tecno mobile phone. You can activate it from Settings > Smart Panel. From there you can drag it to any edge of the screen from the Settings screen or your Tecno phone home screen. The Smart Panel will stay where you place it until you move it again.

Pull up the Smart Panel, tap on Add button to choose and add any app shortcuts of your liking to the quick access panel.

tecno mobile phone smart panel
tecno mobile phone smart panel

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