Create bokeh background images on Infinix mobile

Bokeh, also known as Boke. The word comes from Japanese language, which literally translates as blur. Some smartphones, notably iPhone, can create bokeh background images, blur photo background. On iPhone, the Portrait camera mode, can easily get bokeh and background blurred. Today, we will show you how to take bokeh photos on Infinix mobile phone. Note that not all Infinix model support the bokeh mode natively. We are using a Infinix Hot 9 with the bokeh camera mode support in this demo.

Take photos with bokeh background on Infinix phone

Open up the stock Camera app on your Infinix phone. Swipe left to reveal more options and switch from the AI CAM mode to the Bokeh mode. Make the subject you’d like to capture and highlight within 1 to 2.5m from your camera. Wait a second for the camera app to focus, then press the shutter button to take a picture.

There is an easy technique to create some stunning bokeh background images on Infinix phone. You can manually adjust the aperture. By default it is set to f2.8. Tap on it to shoot at low or high aperture. The smaller the aperture value, the more bokeh effect you can achieve.

Add bokeh effect & blur photo background on Infinix mobile

You can also add bokeh effect or blur picture background on Infinix mobile phone without any third-party image editor or selfie editor. Unlock your Infinix phone, find and launch the AI Gallery app. Or quickly find and open it up from the A-Z app launcher on your Infinix device. Browse to the album with the photo you like to edit. Touch the Edit button below the photo, then swipe left to reveal the rest tools and choose Bokeh at the right end of this toolbar.

infinix mobile phone gallery app photo editing bokeh

You can then adjust the Bokeh radius and Focus radius, drag and drop the two white circles on the picture to choose the focus part of an image, the out-of-focus parts will be blurred.

infinix mobile phone gallery app photo editing focus, bokeh

Tap the Done button (check icon) to save the changes and return to previous screen to make more changes if like. Finally touch the Save button at the top right corner to save it as a new photo to the Gallery on your Infinix mobile phone.

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