Convert Word to PDF on mobile phone

There are various reasons you may want to convert Word documents to PDF files on the phone. For example, PDF is universal and compatible with almost any phones and tablets. If you have received some Word documents in .docx format on the phone and can’t open it or need to send a Word document from computer to the phone, you can download Microsoft Word app for Android. Word Android app allows you to create, edit and convert Word documents on the phone. With Word, you can also read documents and e-books in PDF format on the phone. In this post, we will use Office Word app on a Tecno mobile phone. The same method also works on other Android devices, such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo, ZTE, and so on.

With Microsoft Word app, there are several ways to convert Word documents to PDF files on Android mobile phones. Check out details below.

Save Word as PDF using the Print option

You can use the Print option to quickly save your Word documents as PDF files on Android mobile phones.

On Tecno mobile phone, open up Google Play Store app to search and download the Word app. Launch the File Manager app, find the .docx or .doc file, tap to open it. If no default app was set, a pop-up dialog will show up at the bottom with all compatible apps that can handle Word .docx files. Choose Word from there to open the DOCX file in Office Word app.

Tap the More menu (three dots icon) at the top right corner, you can then find options to share, save and print the document.

microsoft word app to save, print, share as pdf on android mobile phone

Choose Print, wait for a while for the Word app to get the file ready to print. Tap on Select a printer at the top to expand more options, choose Save as PDF. Optionally customize the color, page size, orientation and other settings.

print, save word as pdf using microsoft word app on android phone

Then touch the Save PDF button, choose a different output folder. By default the Downloads folder will be selected, you can however save the PDF to other folder on your Tecno mobile phone. On the Save screen, you can also give the PDF file a different name. Finally tap on Save button to save the Word as PDF onto your mobile phone.

Convert Word to PDF and share

Open up the Word file in the Microsoft Word app. Tap the More menu (three dots icon) at the top right corner, you can then find options to share, save and print the document. Instead of Print, we choose Share as PDF, then allow the Word app a few seconds to get the PDF copy ready. After that the Share as attachment menu pops up with all available options you can share the PDF file with, such as Outlook, Bluetooth, Messages, Gmail, Save to Drive. If you are using a Tecno mobile phone XShare can also be found in the list as it is a pre-installed free file transfer app on almost every Tecno phone.

If you don’t want to share it with others, you can simply attach it to an email, save the email draft, then download the attached PDF file to your mobile phone. And find the file in File Manager on your mobile.

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