Convert videos to photos on Android phone

Sometimes you may want to take a photo but accidentally shot a video. In such case, is it possible to capture a photo from the video? Nowadays, smartphones are powerful enough to record beautiful high quality videos, 1080p even 4K videos. Many video frames can turn into memorable photos. Today, we will show you two quick and free ways to extract certain frame or image from a video or convert videos to photos on Android mobile phones.

Capture a photo from video through screenshot

Almost all smartphones come with the screen capture feature which you can use to capture anything display on your phone screen and save it as an image file. For example, you can find different ways to take screenshots on Tecno mobile phone here.

This is the easiest way to turn video frames into still images on Android phones. However screen capturing may reduce the photo resolution greatly. Resolutions of all screenshots will be the same as your phone screen resolution. For instance, if your phone screen is 720*1600p, all screenshots captured on the phone would be 720*1600p, even if the source video is a 4K (3840*2160p) video.

Convert videos to photos with full resolution

Google tries to make the Android operating system powerful and easy to use. We can find many useful built-in applications in the Android OS, such as Gmail, Maps, Photos, etc. The Photos app from Google provides us the perfect solution to convert videos to photos or extract still pictures from videos on Android phone. You don’t need to install third-party video or image editors from the Google Play Store where apps are not easy to search and most of them are full of ads or require a subscription or purchase even for this simple task.

Find the Google folder on your Android phone screen to view the bundled apps from Google. Photos should be found there. Otherwise, you have to download it from the Play store.

It is the go-to app for anyone who wants a quick and easy solution to extract a picture from a video on Android phone or tablet. Select the video from your Library or Photos to play it in Google Photos app. Tap on the center of the video to display the play controls and editing options.

google photos app to edit videos on android mobile phone
google photos app to edit videos on android mobile phone

Choose Edit from the bottom, you will then be taken to a screen as shown in below screenshot.

Export frames from video using google photos app on Tecno mobile
Export frames from video using google photos app on Android mobile

Play the video until you reach the frame or scene which you like to extract. Then hit the Export frame button below the preview window. The selected photo or frame will be saved as JPEG file with exactly the same width/height as the original video to your photo library. You can also move the play head to quickly locate the frame to export.

Repeat the steps to select, export and convert video to more images on your Android.

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