Convert sound recordings from M4A to MP3 on Android phone

Every Android device comes with a sound recorder app which allows users to record any sound, audio, voice through microphone for free. These audio recordings are usually saved as m4a files on various Android mobile phones, like LG, Huawei, etc. Other Android phones may save voice recordings in different formats. For example, Xiaomi phones record and save MP3 files, some Samsung phones record and save 3GA audios. In this quick guide, we will show you how to convert audio recordings, other audios and music in M4A to MP3 format on Android phone using a free media converter from Google Play Store.

If you found the voice recordings were saved in a different format or the media converter can’t help you transcode them to MP3 or other formats you need, feel free to let us know in the comment section at the bottom.

Convert Sound recordings, M4A audios to MP3 on Android

Get the free media converter app first. It is open source and free. Run the Media Converter on your Android device, the Job Manager screen opens automatically. Tab the + Add button at the bottom right section to start a new project. Firstly browse to your folders and files on your phone, find the sound recordings or M4A audio files and import them to the converter app.

Android media converter select m4a files from audio recorder

Different phones may save the voice recordings to different path. You can open the recordings list in the audio recorder app, long press on a sound file and find the details of the file see if the file path can be found there. Or go into the settings of the audio recorder to find out the save folder and location. The stock File Manager on Android phone also allows us to search and quickly find files on the device.

Once the audio recordings, or m4a files were added to the Media Converter app, touch the right arrow to proceed to the next screen where we can select output audio format, like MP3, AAC, FLAC, OPUS, OGG, MP4.

android media converter choose output format mp3 aac flac opus ogg mp4
android media converter – choose output format

Choose MP3 and continue to the next screen. Here we can configure other aspects of the output audio file, such as adjusting audio quality, removing the silence part at the start/end of the audio.

android media converter adjust audio quality, trim audio silence, etc.
android media converter – audio quality

Then change output path and folder, change output audio file names.

android media converter choose output folder, change file name
android media converter choose output folder, change file name

Finally tap the right arrow button again to start the converting from M4A to MP3 on your Android phone.

2 thoughts on “Convert sound recordings from M4A to MP3 on Android phone”

  1. This is jiaa here,
    I want to add an audio in PowerPoint in mobile phone and my friend has given me the Audio,
    Its showing that firstly I have to convert into mp3 format,
    I don’t know how to do it,
    Thank you

    1. It seems you can insert one of these supported audio file formats into your PPT: mp3, wav or midi. if the audio you received is not in any of these formats, you can use above free music converter app to convert it to mp3 format before inserting it to your Powerpoint slides on the phone.

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