Connect to FTP Server with your Android Device

Have you wondered if any way to transfer files between your server and your Android phone or tablet? Most Android powered devices don’t natively support FTP connections currently. In order to connect your FTP server using Android device, you can choose to download third party FTP client apps or file explorers with FTP support on the Android device. MiXplorer file explorer is such an app that comes with FTP server support. In this quick guide, we will outline the easy steps to connect a FTP server from Android to transfer files between FTP server and your Android device.

Purchase this file explorer app from Google Play Store. Download and install the app on your Android device. Open the file explorer app, tap the Add (+) button from the bottom toolbar, choose Add Storage from the pop-up menu. You will see all supported connection or storage types.

add storage, ftp server to android mobile phone using mixplorer

Choose FTP (S,ES) from the above list. Then input your FTP server details as shown on below screenshot.

add ftp server to android phone using mixplorer app
  • FTP address: ftp://yourdomain or ftp://yourftpserverIP;
  • Username: ftp account name;
  • Password: the password for above ftp account;
  • Display name(optional): a descriptive name of your FTP server.

Tap Save button to save the FTP connection. You can then access your FTP server from Android phone to create new or edit files on server, copy or upload files from phone to FTP server, download files from FTP server to Android phone, etc.

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