Connect Infinix phone to Mac and transfer files via Bluetooth

Want to transfer files from your Infinix mobile to your Mac or the other way around? You may consider wireless transfer via Bluetooth. It does not require your phone charger’s USB cable or access to Wi-Fi. In this article, we will show you how to connect & pair Infinix mobile phone to Mac via Bluetooth. It’s not as difficult as you may think.

Firstly unlock your Infinix phone, go to system Settings > Connected devices > Bluetooth. Touch the On toggle to enable Bluetooth on your Infinix smartphone.

infinix mobile phone bluetooth settings

Then go to the System Preferences on Mac. Find and click Bluetooth in the System Preferences window. Click Turn Bluetooth On button to enable it. Your Mac will now be discoverable and it will search for nearby Bluetooth devices. Scroll down to the Device list, you should find your Infinix mobile there. Click the Connect button.

Mac connect infinix mobile phone via Bluetooth

The connection request will be sent to your cell phone. The same pairing code should display on both your Infinix phone and Mac computer.

Accept the connection on your mobile phone. Once the computer and Android phone are connected via Bluetooth, you can follow below instructions to share files between them.

Transfer files from Infinix phone to Mac

If you want to upload a file from Infinix to Mac, you have to go to System Preferences, select Sharing and enable “Bluetooth Sharing.” Then you can choose the destination of the files you want to transfer from Android to Mac.

enable Bluetooth sharing on Mac - file sharing via Bluetooth

Go to your Android device to select files, then share through Bluetooth and choose your Mac. The selected files will be sent to the specified folder on your Mac.

Transfer files from Mac to Infinix mobile

Mac has Bluetooth File Exchange app, a native utility in Mac OS, which offers a way to transfer some files between your device and computer without downloading an app.

Start the Bluetooth File Exchange app on Mac, you will be asked to select file. Then select the Bluetooth device to receive the file. On the Infinix phone, you will get the Incoming file message, tap on Accept to save the file to your mobile phone.

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