Connect to FTP server from Oculus Quest

In a previous article, we discussed how to turn Oculus Quest into an FTP server so you can connect mobile phones or computers to the VR headset for file sharing. In this case, the Oculus Quest acts as a server and your PC or phone is the client. Will it work the other way around? How can you connect to an FTP server from your VR headset provided you have already created the FTP server on Android device or computer?

You don’t need an extra FTP app on the Oculus Quest. The CX File Explorer also comes with a built-in FTP feature you can use to connect to other FTP servers.

Connect FTP server from Oculus Quest

First of all, install the free file explorer app onto your VR headset.

You can use SideQuest or other similar tools to install an Android app to Oculus Quest. After installing the app on the VR headset, you will see its home screen like this.

cx file explorer local oculus quest 2

Switch from the LOCAL to NETWORK tab where you can find the following options: Access from network, New location. The Access from Network option is to turn your Oculus Quest into an FTP server as we mentioned in the first paragraph above, so other devices and computers can connect to your VR device. Here we choose New location.

Oculus Quest CX File Explorer network devices and access

Switch from CLOUD to REMOTE, we can then see a screen like this.

Oculus Quest CX File Explorer connect network devices, remote servers

Here we can connect to other devices in the local network, connect to SMB server, FTP server, SFTP or WebDAV file servers from the Oculus Quest. Choose FTP, then input the FTP server host IP, port, username and password.

oculus quest 2 cx file explorer connect FTP server

Fill in all the required info, then click OK button. You can then access all files and folders saved on the FTP server from the CX file explorer app on your Oculus Quest.

Use CX file explorer on Oculus Quest to access all files and folders saved on the Android phone

Why use FTP on Oculus Quest?

Compared to wired data transfer through USB cable, FTP is free, wireless, easier to use. You can even connect your VR headset with multiple devices, PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, at the same time or quickly switch between them.

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