Connect device through Bluetooth on your Itel phone

Need to connect a Bluetooth device like speakers, earbuds, headphones or smart watch, to your Itel mobile phone? Want to make a Bluetooth connection between your itel phone and another Android or computer to share files? Here’s how to do it.

itel mobile phone
itel mobile phone

There are two major ways you can turn on Bluetooth on an Itel mobile phone through either the quick settings panel or the Settings app. In this article, we will talk about the two options in details.

Enable Bluetooth from Quick Settings & pair device on Itel

Unlock your Itel mobile, swipe down from the top of the screen to bring down the Quick Settings panel. Tap Bluetooth to turn it on or off quickly.

enable Bluetooth from Quick Settings on Itel mobile phone

Touch and hold Bluetooth icon from the Quick Settings panel to open the Device connection screen.

Itel mobile phone settings device connection

Choose Bluetooth, tap to turn it on if not yet. Your Itel phone will start scanning for nearby Bluetooth devices.

Itel mobile phone turn on Bluetooth from settings

Pair new device via Bluetooth

New phones, Bluetooth accessory or devices can be found in the Available devices list. Tap on its name under this Available devices list, you might get a prompt to pair with the device. Tap on Pair to confirm and the device will connect to your itel phone via Bluetooth. If you try to pair another Android phone, the pairing request with the pairing code will be sent to the other phone. Tap on Pair on both phones to connect them via Bluetooth.

Pair android phone, device via Bluetooth on itel mobile phone

Reconnect a paired device

Tap on Previously connected devices, then tap a paired but unconnected device to reconnect.

Pair devices via Bluetooth from Settings on Itel

Open the Settings app on your Itel mobile.

itel mobile phone settings

Choose Device connection > Bluetooth, again you will get the same Bluetooth pairing screen on Itel phone. The rest steps is the same as explained above.

Itel phone Bluetooth pairing bonus tips

  • To disconnect a Bluetooth device, you can go to the Quick Settings panel rather than the Settings app.
  • Ensure the device you’re trying to connect with has Bluetooth turned on otherwise your Itel phone may not find it.
  • Make sure the device you’re trying to connect is in close range, 20 meters or less.
  • Double check if your device or the other device’s Bluetooth visibility is enabled. The visibility will be turned on automatically after enabling Bluetooth, however we might disable it without actually being aware of it.

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