Connect Bluetooth keyboard to Infinix phone

A Bluetooth keyboard can turn your smartphone into a more decent productivity tool. You can use an external keyboard to type out emails, blog posts, or any other long text you want. But your keyboard can do more than just type. Traditional Windows or PC shortcuts, like Esc, Alt+Tab and Alt+Shift+Tab can be used for easier navigation. Many keyboard shortcuts, such as Copy (Ctrl+C), Cut (Ctrl+X), Paste (Ctrl+V), and Select All (Ctrl+A) work in lots of apps. Check the Bluetooth keyboard manual, there you may find more useful shortcuts explained. In this post, we will show you how to pair a Bluetooth keyboard with Infinix mobile phone. The same method should work with many other Android powered devices as well.

Firstly power on the keyboard you like to connect. Press the Bluetooth button on the keyboard to start pairing. Some bluetooth keyboards don’t have a dedicated button for Bluetooth connection. On some bluetooth keyboards, you may need to press on a keyboard combo. It varies on different devices or manufacturers. Double check the product manual or consult the seller if you need further assistance.

infinix mobile phone bluetooth settings

Unlock your Infinix phone. Open the Settings app, browse to Connected devices > Bluetooth. If the On/Off toggle is set to Off, tap on it to turn it on. If it is the first time you connect a new device, you can also directly touch the Pair new device option below.

infinix mobile phone pair bluetooth keyboard

Your Infinix smartphone will start searching for nearby devices and display all found Bluetooth devices under the Available devices section. Find your Bluetooth keyboard in the list and tap on it to start paring. A confirmation dialog pops up. Press on Pair button to connect. It is Super easy to pair, just like how you connect other Bluetooth devices to an Android phone or tablet.

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  1. Christian Jay Zapata

    Infinix note 10 pro can connect to Bluetooth keyboard bit nothing happened when they’re connected and I can’t use keyboard

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