Connect LG Android phone to PC via USB for file transfer.

Transfer files between Android phone and a computer via USB is easy and straightforward. Unlock your Android phone, connect your phone to your PC or Mac using the supplied USB/charging cable. You will then be prompted to choose USB connection options on the phone. If you didn’t see the options on the screen, pull down the Notification panel from the top of your phone screen, tap on Android system – File Transfer to pop up the USB options.

android phone usb connection options - lg
  • File transfer: transfer documents and media files to the connected device.
    Choose this options if you want to copy files, documents, media files, even apps between your phone and computer.
  • Photo transfer: transfer photos and videos to the connected device.
    Choose this option to backup photos and videos from phone to computer or send media files from computer to the phone.

On your PC or Mac, open File Explorer or Finder to open the folders on the phone, then copy files between your Android and computer via USB. If you selected File transfer on the LG or other Android phone, you can access the phone’s storage and various files and folders saved on it. If you enabled Photo transfer, you can only access the DCIM and Pictures folders where all your captured photos and videos, media files for third-party apps are saved.

USB vs Wireless Transfer

USB transfer is ideal for bulk, large file transfer, such as movies, phone backups, HD images. Or you can use a wireless transfer which is easier to configure and use, like SHAREit file sharing, Zapya file transfer. They are popular, free, fast, wireless, cross-platform file transfer solutions.

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