Compress, extract files on Infinix mobile

If you plan to send multiple files from your mobile phone to other devices or computers, you may consider compressing them first. Compressed files usually take up much less storage space and thus can be transferred to other computers and devices more quickly than uncompressed files. Most Android phones allow users to directly archive and unarchive files and documents in the stock Files or File Manager app. No third-party zipper or extractor app required.

Zip files on Infinix mobile phone

There are two file manager apps on Infinix mobile phones. Unlock your phone, and you should find the File Manager app on your phone screen. Other than this, there will be a Tools folder with Files and several other useful apps inside, like Contacts, Calculator, Notebook, Sound Recorder, Compass and so on.

You can run the Files app to create zip files or extract files from archived documents on Infinix phone. Open up the Files app on Infinix device, the Recent tab opens by default. Tap the menu button (three horizontal lines symbol) at the top left corner to expand the side menu and choose your internal storage from there. If the internal storage is not listed in this menu, go back to the Recent tab. Touch the More button (three vertical dots) at the top right corner and choose Show internal storage from the drop-down menu list. You can then head to the side menu to access the internal storage of your Infinix mobile phone.

Browse to the folder to select the files you like to compress, touch the More button at the top right corner and choose Compress from the drop-down menu to compress all selected files into a zip file. The archive file will be created and saved in the same location as those source files and documents.

zip compress files on infinix mobile phone
zip compress files on infinix mobile phone

Extract zip files on Infinix mobile phone

There are several ways you can view files in a zip file, and extract content from compressed archives on Infinix phones. The Files app which we used to compress files into zip files on Infinix mobile above allow users to directly open and access files in zip archive, you can then select and extract any files from the zip file to your phone.

open, view, select, extract zip archive using Files app on Infinix mobile phone

The File Manager app on Infinix mobile can also uncompress files. Run File Manager app on Infinix phone, on the Categories tab, touch More button to show more file types and categories. Then find and open the Zips category. Simply touch a zip archive, the Uncompress dialog pops up. Tap on Uncompress to extract all files from the compressed archive to your phone’s storage.

uncompress zip archive using file manager on infinix mobile phone

New Infinix users may not know that there is a pre-loaded app, named PHX browser or Phoenix depending on which version of the app you have, allows us to unzip files on the device as well. Run this web browser, touch the Menu button at the bottom, then choose Files > Archives, tap to open a zip file and unzip any or all files from the Zip archive on your Infinix mobile. The unzipped files can be found at Files > Archives > Unzipped files.

open, view, select, extract zip archive using Phoenix app on Infinix mobile phone

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