How to combine photos on Tecno mobile phone?

Sometimes we may need to create photo collage from two or more pictures on our mobile phones. For example, you may need to join multiple screenshots into one image file to share with others; you may like to create a family photo collage to print it out. Stop searching for a third-party collage maker or online photo collages creator if you are using a Tecno mobile phone. You have at least two easy ways to achieve that on a Tecno mobile phone.

Combine multiple photos into one using Gallery

The stock Gallery or AI Gallery app on Tecno mobile phone has the built-in collage maker with various collage frames and styles. It provides us the easiest way to create photo collage on Tecno phone.

You can select photos first, then choose Collage to select style and convert them into a picture collage on your Tecno mobile. Or choose Collage in the Gallery app, then add photos to the collage, select a template and save the images, photos as collage. We will show you the former method in this quick demo. Try also the latter method on your own Tecno phone if interested.

Launch AI Gallery app on your Tecno mobile phone. Open Photos or Albums tab to select all the photos, images, screenshots you like to join together.

Combine multiple photos into one using Gallery app on Tecno mobile phone

Tap on Collage button at the bottom toolbar. You can then select a template from the bottom and preview the collage at the upper section. Finally touch the Save button to turn your photos into a collage on your Tecno phone. When finished, you can find the combine images from AI Gallery > Albums > Collage folder.

tecno mobile phone create photo collage, choose template using the gallery app

Merge pictures, screenshots, create collages using Google Photos

This is a pre-installed app on almost every Android phone. We all know that Google Photos is an excellent place for Android users to back up all the photos and videos on their phone. Many people however may not know that Google Photos can also be used for combining photos.

On your Tecno mobile phone screen, find and open the Google folder, then run Photos app from there. Smart Panel is a great feature on Tecno mobile phone. It provides users the quick access to their favorite apps and tools on the phone. If you use Google Photos a lot, you can add it to the Smart Panel on Tecno phone.

Go to find the photos from Photos or Albums tab. You can select up to 9 photos at a time. Then tap on the Create button (+ icon) at the top right corner to bring up the menu at the lower section of the screen. You will see options to create Album, Shared album, Movie, Animation and Collage here. Choose Collage from this Create menu, Google Photos will create collage from all your selected images, pictures, screenshots on your Tecno mobile phone.

Merge pictures, screenshots, create collages using Google Photos

You can then edit the collage using editing tools in Google photos. When finished, you can find a Collages album in Google Photos app. You can also access all the collages created from the stock Gallery app on your Tecno phone. Run the AI Gallery or Gallery app on Tecno mobile, switch from Photos to Albums tab, there will be an album titled ‘Google Photos’ where Google Photos for Android saves all the photo collages on your Tecno device.

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