Combine audio recordings on Tecno mobile phone

Are you looking for a free app to join two or more audio recordings into a single audio clip on Tecno mobile phone? The stock Sound Recorder we used to record audio and voices on Tecno mobile phone does not include basic editing functions. We can’t find the abilities to split, trim, or combine out sound recordings with it on our Tecno phone. In an earlier post, we used some free music editors to trim our voice recordings on Tecno mobile. These two audio editors can also help us combine multiple audio files, sound recordings into one or make a long audio out of several short recording files. Before we get started, go to download this free audio & music editor for Android here.

How to combine sound recordings together on Tecno phone?

Launch the free music editor app on your Tecno mobile. Grant it the permission to access your media files on the phone. You will see various tools on its home screen, like Trim audio, Merge audio, Convert Audio, Convert video to audio, Mix audio, Compress audio, Split audio, Reverse audio and even more.

music editor functions tools for android - futuretech
music editor functions tools for android – futuretech

Choose Merge audio. The audio editor app will automatically find and list all your voice recordings and audio files saved on your Tecno phone on this Select Audio screen.

music editor to select audio, sound recording, music to merge on android mobile phone

Play and tap to select all sound recordings, audio files, music you like to merge. Tap Next button at the top right corner to proceed to the Merge Audio screen. On the audio file list, press and hold the list icon on the right end to drag a sound recording to a different position in the list. Repeat the steps to rearrange the voice recordings in the right order. Finally tap on the Save button at the top right corner, give it a file name to combine all selected audio files, music and/or audio recordings into one file.

music editor to merge audio, sound recording, music on android mobile phone

The output audio will be saved to your internal storage on the Tecno mobile phone. Open the File Manager, you can find it from Categories > Music or All files > Internal shared storage > Music Editor > Merge Audio. All your sound recordings, music will be merged into MP3 files.

This is by far the simplest approach to combining and merging multiple audio files, music or sound recordings on a Tecno mobile phone. If you know of another easier or better solution for joining audio files together on Tecno phone, don’t forget to share with us in the comments below.

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