Change screen rotation on Kindle Paperwhite

By default your screen will be set to the portrait mode on Kindle Paperwhite. Most of the time, we read books in portrait mode on Kindle. Sometimes however we may like to read in landscape mode. If you are looking for the instructions to read books horizontally, this guide is just for you. See the easy steps to switch from Portrait Mode to Landscape Mode and vice versa on Kindle Paperwhite.

Open the ebook that you want to read in the other orientation, Landscape or Portrait mode. Tap the upper area of your Kindle Paperwhite until the Menu bar appears where you can find Home, Back, Settings, Store and other items.

See Kindle Paperwhite in landscape mode with menu bar.

Below the menu bar, tap Aa at the left end to bring up settings for themes, font, layout and more others. Under the Layout tab, you can find the Orientation settings. Here you can touch Portrait or Landscape to switch screen orientation on your Kindle Paperwhite.

kindle paperwhite layout settings orientation landscape vs portrait

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