Capture scrolling window or page on Tecno mobile phone

Not all content can be displayed on one screen on our mobile phone. You have to scroll up to pull up more content in order to read the full content of long web pages, app windows. If you like to take screenshot of very long window or page, you can capture screens one by one, then merge them together using an image editor or stitching app. Fortunately many Android powered smartphones support scrolling screen or long webpage capture, such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, Tecno phone and so on.

In an earlier post, we demonstrated how you can take a screenshot on Tecno mobile phones. We know that the built-in screen capture utility can help us easily take screenshots of anything displayed on our Tecno phone’s screen. Many of Tecno users maybe not aware of the scrollshot capture.

Here’s the trick to capture scrolling window on Tecno mobile phone and other Android devices. When you take a screenshot on Tecno phone, your phone screen flashes and the screenshot preview displays on your phone screen with options to Share, Edit, Delete it. There will also be an option to take scrollshot. See below screenshot.

Capture scrolling window or page on Tecno mobile phone

Touch Scrollshot below the screenshot preview, then you will be prompted to scroll up to take the scrollshot. You can scroll to the part of the page that you like to include in the screenshot, then save the screenshot. Instead of capturing the entire webpage or window, you can selectively capture only the part you need. If you need to capture full web page or window, scroll up until you reach the bottom and save the screenshot.

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