Capture scrolling web pages, windows on Xiaomi phone

There are mainly two easy ways you can take a screenshot on Xiaomi or Redmi mobile phone. Press the hardware buttons simultaneously, volume down + power buttons, or pull down the notification panel, choose Screenshot. Sometimes however you may find long web pages can’t be displayed fully in single screen. You have to scroll down to view the full content of the long page. In this case, is it possible to use Xiaomi phone’s built-in screenshot feature to capture the scrolling window or long web page without third-party screenshots apps?

take screenshot on Xiaomi, Redmi phone,

Once you pressed the hardware buttons or touched the Screenshot icon from Notification panel, your Mi phone will capture the screen and a thumbnail image (screenshot result) will show up in the upper right corner of your phone screen. You can touch this thumbnail to enlarge and preview screenshot before saving. You will also have the options to edit screenshot, share or send screenshot, or delete it without saving. Under the screenshot preview, there are four options: Scroll, Send, Edit and Delete. Tap Scroll to let your Xiaomi or Redmi phone scroll the current window and capture the rest part. You can stop the scrolling anytime and save the long screenshot to the Gallery app. Just tap the Done button to stop the scrolling, save the screenshot and don’t capture those parts below the current screen. Or you can wait until your phone finished capture the full page or window.

Open Gallery app on you Mi phone, choose Albums, select Screenshots album to find all screen captures.

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