Capture scrolling screenshots on LG phone

Have a very long page want to save on LG phone? You can press the Power and Volume down keys at the same time to capture anything displays on your LG phone screen. It however can’t help us capture long window or scrolling pages that can’t be displayed on a single screen. Fortunately, LG mobile phones have the built-in option to capture scrolling window, pages without third-party screenshot apps.

To capture scrolling web pages or screenshots on LG mobile phones, just follow these steps.

Open the web page you want to capture using the Chrome or other web browser of your choice.

Pull down the notification bar, then find and select Capture +, see below screenshot.

capture long web page, scrolling window screenshot on lg phone
capture long web page, scrolling window screenshot on lg phone

Note: if you use an old LG phone and can’t find the Capture+ in the Notification Panel on LG device, you will need to use a third-party screenshot app instead.

Select Extended in the lower right corner, your LG mobile phone will start scrolling the window, capturing screenshots and stitching them together automatically.

Once you have captured everything you want, you can manually tap to stop it or let the Capture+ utility finish capturing the whole long page.

You will have the options to edit the screenshots before you save it. If you don’t want to edit it now, simply tap the tick in the upper left corner to save the screenshot to the Gallery app. There will be a Capture+ album in your Gallery where all screenshots captured by this built-in utility are saved.

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