Can’t add photos from Android to Lightroom CC

Can’t add photos from Android to Lightroom CC? You can import photos from your phone to Adobe Lightroom for mobile or take pictures from there and directly import them to the photo editor without saving them to your Gallery. I just downloaded lightroom CC from Google Play Store and it won’t import my images. No error message pops up. I can’t create an album in Lightroom, can’t launch the camera from Lightroom to capture any photos neither.

I double checked the app permissions from system Settings on my Android mobile. Lightroom has the access to Camera, Storage and location. I have granted it all the permissions it requests during the installation process. However the Location is disabled in Settings. This settings could be the fix. Then I turned on Location under Settings. Re-launch the Lightroom on my mobile, this time I can import photos from mobile to Lightroom and take new photos in Lightroom without any issues. Also you don’t have to keep the location enabled. It seems the app need to access your location once, you will then be free to use the app.

Adobe Lightroom CC edit photo android phone

If you are having exactly the same issues with importing files into Lightroom CC too, you can try the fix above.

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