Blur photo background on Tecno mobile

There are different reasons people want to add background blurring to their photos. It makes photos look more professional, like those captured using a DSLR camera. Meanwhile it helps reduce the distraction of a messy background and focus on the subject. Sometimes you can use this technique to blur or hide sensitive information in your pictures too.

There are three ways to achieve that on smartphones. You can use a smartphone with portrait mode, such as recent plus models of iPhone, high-end Android phones, notably the Samsung flagship models. These phones allow users the ability to take photos with instant blur background effect. Many professional third-party camera app also provide the background blurring feature or portrait mode. Another option is to use an image editor app to add the blur background effect to photos saved on our phones.

In this quick guide, we’ll show you two easy ways to blur image background or foreground on Tecno mobile phones.

Activate Bokeh mode in Tecno AI Camera

The Bokeh or portrait mode can be found on recent Tecno mobile phones, such as Tecno Camon 12, Camon 15, etc. Before taking the pictures, go to tweak the camera setting to enable the Bokeh mode so as to highlight the main portrait and blur background.

Open up the stock Camera app on your Tecno phone. Swipe left to reveal more options and switch from the AI CAM mode to the Bokeh mode. Make the subject you’d like to capture and highlight within 1 to 2.5m from your camera. Wait a second for the camera app to focus, then press the shutter button to take a picture.

tecno mobile phone camera app bokeh mode

Apply blur background effect to existing photos on Tecno phone

If the portrait mode was not enabled before you shoot the picture, you still have the chance to add the background blurring effect to them on Tecno phone. Launch the Gallery or AI Gallery app on your Tecno phone. Find the photo you want to edit and open it in the Gallery app. Tap on the photo again to reveal the toolbar at the bottom. Tap on Edit (pencil icon) to show more editing tools. Swipe left on the toolbar to reveal more tools. The Bokeh effect can be found on the right end.

tecno mobile phone gallery app photo editing bokeh

Tap Bokeh to open the background bokeh effect settings and apply screen.

tecno mobile phone gallery app photo editing focus, bokeh

Tap on the image to display an annular on the photo. Drag and move it to select the focus area. Drag the Focus radiance bar below the image preview to enlarge the focus area or reduce it. Drag the Bokeh radiance bar to enlarge or shrink the blurring areas in the background. When finished, tap the Done button (check icon) to save the changes and return to previous screen to make more changes if like. Finally touch the Save button at the top right corner to save it as a new photo to the Gallery on your Tecno phone. In this way, you also highlight the portraits, human figures, faces are better focused and the background sundry blurred.

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